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Showcasing a Vast Array of Machines for the Industry

Jairam Ramesh
Managing Director
Parijatha Machinery

PARIJATHA MACHINERY is one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of Machinery for manufacture of Precast concrete products like Masonry Blocks, Paving Blocks, Kerb stones, wet cast products and a range of other products.

With the vast experience in this field, Parijatha designs and manufactures machines for all the processes of the concrete pre cast industry, namely, the vibro press, hermetic press, wet press and wet cast machines, apart from a range of planetary mixers, aggregate batching plant, conveyors, and spraying systems. Parijatha is the only indigenous company that provides an end to end solution to those companies individuals who intend to setup a complete plant.

On the eve of BC India, Masterbuilder had one to one chat with Jairam Ramesh, Managing Director, Parijatha Machinery, wherein he shared insights on the range of products to showcased, demand of Block Making Machines and much more.

Here are the excerpts of the interview.

What range of products will be showcased at BC India?

Parijatha will present the Latest Four station Press APM 416 ED which is capable of producing Paving Blocks, Slabs, Terrazzo Tiles and a range of related products.  Also, the recently introduced and most popular Block machine ” BLOCKSTAR” which is very well appreciated by our customers is being presented even more latest and innovative features.  As is the case with all the previous fairs we have presented the running machine of Planetary Mixer PM 250 which is among the family of our very popular range of Planetary Mixers.

As usual, Parijatha will be the only company to present the maximum number of machines in our industry.

Block making machines are in demand owing to several project declaration by govt, in regard to this how has been the demand for block making machines?

The Central Government has launched a variety of schemes – the Smart City project among the most promising one.  This has led to a surge in the requirement of Precast concrete products, Concrete Masonry Blocks, Paving Blocks, Wet cast products among the frequent and essential products being used. Therefore, more and more plants are being installed in Metros and smaller towns too. Therefore the equipment manufacturers have also realised the potential and gearing up for the same by introducing new technologies and systems so that to increase productivity and automation.


Give a roundup of how the demand has been for Parijatha services  in this year?

Parijatha has managed to be among the leading manufacturer of the machinery of Concrete Blocks and pavers in India.  This has been primarily due to the fact that Parijatha has always stood for Quality machines which are very reasonably priced.  Also, the Service back up and support has been meeting customer’s satisfaction and is improving every day. All these factors add to Parijatha Machines being very popular in India abroad and overall being considered as a very good package with maximum VALUE FOR MONEY.


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