Signal processing method using Radar

    Signal processing method using Radar

    Signal processing

    A novel signal processing method for imaging and material characterisation with the aid of radar has been developed by a group of engineers from the Alliance Ruhr University. Their aim was to be able to use this with a combination of techniques to generate 3-D representation of surroundings.

    According to researchers, the same measurement technique that is used for material characterisation should be suitable for localisation as well or atleast in principle. However, it is not yet being used simultaneously for both.

    The vision of the project is to develop a flying platform capable of generating a 3-D representation of its surrounding.

    A radar emits electromagnetic waves that are reflected by objects, this information can be used to calculate how far away an object is located based on the delay between the transmitted and returning signals. The strength of this signal also contains information about the properties of the material. Once a parameter for the permittivity of materials is set, the information obtained from the reflection radio waves will be able to identify the material of the object.

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