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Sika System Solutions for Watertight Wet Rooms


Today we don’t only think it’s an area to freshen up or cleaning but actually, it’s a private space to relax and refresh. A building’s wet room demands to be planned and waterproofed in a very systematic manner to look attractive and clean for year after years.

Wet rooms are essential human spaces across the globe, either a stylish big bathroom, or a practical small shower space, toilets, kitchens, laundry areas, balconies, patios or terraces: Sika Wet Room Systems for new and refurbishment works according to the specific requirements in wet rooms.

If It`s Not A Spider – What Don`t You Really Want to see in Your Bathroom?

You don`t want to see rising dampness, nor moisture, nor falling tiles, nor cracks on the walls, nor damp patches or a leaking roof. Nor a spider, of course. But if your wet room is not waterproof from the very beginning, all this would happen. So take care of a tight waterproofing at the very beginning. Sika supports you!

However, before you rush into creating the gorgeous, fully tiled room of your dreams, take note of arguably the biggest mistake people can make when installing them: not properly waterproofing the room. Beneath and in between the tiles in the walk-in shower, the walls and the floor have to be guaranteed waterproof to create the watertight foundation for the whole room.

The key thing is to ensure that whoever installs your room is experienced and does a thorough job without any mistakes in execution, such as not following the right curing times. Spending a bit more time on getting this stage right could potentially save you thousands in the long run. Design and planning have to be done accurately. Product selection or combination has to be fit correctly for the job and the use of systems has to be considered.

Waterproofing is the essential thing, but we also expect the wet room to be easy to clean and maintain. We expect our personal hygienic space to be in a totally healthy environment. Long-lasting solutions are essential. A wet room is normally used very frequently by all occupants of the house or flat, so it has to be built from robust materials.

Last but not least it is the esthetic appearance we need in order to feel com-fortable in our bathroom. Once damage starts it quickly leads to forgetting about any attractive interior design. Tiles may come off, we notice cracks on the walls, a leaking roof, damp patches or peeling paint, and dampness may arise. This can all be prevented by getting the installation right from the beginning.

Sika offers the full system solution for the correct build-up and installation of wet room projects. With its experience and know-how Sika advices its customers in every step of any wet room construction project. For successful and long-lasting finishes it is essential not only to have the right quality of tile adhesives and grouts, but also a full build-up and installation system that includes the right surface preparation, waterproofing membranes, waterproofing tapes, tile adhesives, tile grouts as well as professional joint sealing.

Labelling for the above image:

Surface Preparation
Waterproofing layer
Waterproofing Tape for corners
Tile Adhesive
Tile grout
Joint Sealing

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Arunabha Dey
National Manager, Waterproofing & Roofing,
Sika India Pvt. Ltd.
Email: dey.arunabha@in.sika.com,
Web: http://ind.sika.com


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