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Skill India: Japan to create world class skilled workers in India


Based on the deciscion taken on November 11 Indo-Japan annual Summit, Japan has stepped in to boost Narendra Modi’s pet project — ‘Skill India’ to create world class skilled workers in India. The project is expected to significantly improve skill sets in the country’s manufacturing sector. Japan will train 30,000 persons over next 10 years with Japanese style state of the art manufacturing skills and practices. The initiative will begin through the establishment of the Japan-India Institutes for Manufacturing (JIIMs) and the Japanese Endowed Courses in engineering colleges designated by Japanese companies in India. The first three JIMs under the Programme would start for 3,000 persons in summer of 2017 in Gujarat, Karnataka and Rajasthan. Currently there are over 1300 Japanese firms in India and the figure could increase to 2,000 or more by 2019 employing hundreds of Indians. There are also as many as 3961 establishments of Japanese businesses operating in India. During the annual Summit Abe appreciated the actions taken by India on improving the business environment in India and creating enabling environment for Japanese investments. Delhi and Tokyo have also agreed to continue to engage in consultation and cooperation in development of Japan Industrial Townships (JITs).

Source: economictimes.indiatimes.com
Image source: Asian Development Bank


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