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Smart Solutions for a Better Tomorrow


Sustainable methodology in construction industry has been adopted for a quite a long time now. The efficiency demand from customers have now become more modified thereby demanding a standardised system in the construction work. Therefore the role of equipments has increased even more. The demand is now for smart equipments. One such specialized group is Hamersmit Equipment Private Ltd.



The company is driven by innovation to provide specially engineered equipment and devices for industries that work towards smart living. The company partners with clients to set up smart cities by offering core strength solutions for infrastructure and construction, concrete finishing, green tech gadgets and logistics. Hamersmit presents reliable, speciality products that are technologically advanced and geared to lead you into a smarter future. With presence over India, UAE, Singapore and Africa, Hamersmit is aimed towards constantly innovating and upgrading for ease, comfort and safety at large. They are the authorized distributors/ dealer for BTC products in India.


Setting Strong Foundations

Product Range:

International quality concrete vibrators
Bar bending machine
Bar cutting machine
Cube cutting machine
Earth compactor diesel
Concrete mixer (wire & hydraulic)
Tower hoist
Mini crane
Electric mixer
Wheel barrow (single & double) needle vibrator
Cube molds
Sieve Set
MS props and MS spans



Bringing Precision Engineering to the World of Concrete with Finishing Equipment and Tools

Product Range:

Walk-Behind and Ride-On Power Trowels
Trowel Blades
Float Pans
Vibrating Screed
Concrete Vibrators
Material Spreaders
Concrete Expansion (Armoured) steel joints
Hand tools for concrete screeding & levelling
Seamless Supply Chain Management

Services Offered:

Air & Sea freight – Export & Import Consolidation
Customs Clearance – Export & Import
Transportation – Container as well Domestic Transportation
Projects & Break-bulk
Third country shipments by Air & Sea
Rejection & Re-Export / Repair-Return
SCM-Warehousing & Distribution throuth strategic partnership



INTELLITECH Products to Compliment Smart Lifestyles

Product Range:

Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)
Jump Starter Kits for multi axle vehicles
Binsink has two models to choose from – Champagne Gold, Silver Black & Commercial

For further details

Hamersmit Equipment Pvt. Ltd.
209, 2nd Floor, Sahar Cargo Estate Building,
J.B. Nagar, V.M. Shah Marg, Andheri (East),
Mumbai: 400099
Tel: 022 61371500 (100 lines)
Mobile: +91-9820087644
E-mail: info@hamersmit.com
Web: www.hamersmit.com


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