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Smooth Installation through High Quality Flooring Equipment


The technological modification has given a new path to flooring industry as a whole. The service providers are now experimenting with techniques that would save time as well as the resource. This requires high-skilled work. One such group of an expert is Aquarius Technologies Private Limited. Beginning with the Indian production of Tremix Vacuum Dewatering System under license from TREMIX AB, SWEDEN in 1991, they now offer many more machines viz. Laser Screeds, Concrete Grinding and Polishing Machines, Compact Slipform Pavers, Plastering Machines, to name a few. All along this route of adding new machines in the program, they have taken care to consolidate on essential aspects like training their engineers and technicians in understanding new techniques as well as new processes.

Masterbuilder had one to one chat with Mr. Vinayak Hardikar of Aquarius Technologies Private Limited., wherein he shared insights on company’s services and an overview of the market as a whole.


Mr .Vinayak Hardikar, Director, Aquarius Technologies Private Limited.


Here are few excerpts of the interview.

Discuss the application of Laser Screed flooring services done by the company?

At Aquarius Technologies, we are distributors of Somero Enterprises USA, for their entire range of Laser Screeds. Somero is the world pioneer in this field of equipment and offers the widest range of Laser Screeds to suit almost all applications. Along with supplying the machines, we also provide ” Training for appropriate usage of Laser Screeds ” thru on-site support services. We, however, do not undertake actual contracting work ourselves.



In regard to flooring services what are equipment offered by the company?

Aquarius Technologies started in 1991 with its core business as ” Equipment for Concrete Flooring “. As a result, we offer the following range of machines –
# Vibration # Levelling Machines

– Laser Screeds from Somero
– Vibrating Beams ( upto 5 Mtr length )
– Truss Screeds/ Modular Vibrators ( upto 12 Mtr length )

# Concrete Finishing Machines

– Walk-behind Power Trowels / Skimfloaters
– Ride-on Power Trowels / Skimfloaters

# Vacuum Dewatering System from TREMIX
# Professional Hand Tools like Straight Edges, Check Rods, Bump Cutters, Magnesium Bull Floats.
# Concrete Grinding & Polishing Machines from HTC, Sweden ( for converting ordinary concrete floors to aesthetically superior as well as glossy and durable surface with a variety of finishes.



What are the elements of growth of Indian flooring industry?

There are several factors impacting the flooring industry. Following are the more important driving forces –

– Reduced project time frames available for floor laying result in demand for high output machines
– Mechanised in-plant movement thru Pallet Trucks/Automatic Retrieval / Forklifts coupled with vertical storage result in demand for Flat and Level floors with close tolerances.
– Low floor maintenance demand results in reduced joints or joint less floors.
– Demand for superior aesthetics coupled with low maintenance results in Floors with exposed aggregates thru grinding & polishing process.



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