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Specialization in the Domain of Design, Specification, Project Management, Testing and Certification of Floors

global flooring market
S. Ramakrishnan
General Manager – Technical Services
Monofloor India Pvt. Ltd.

The global flooring market, which was valued at about $121.4 billion in 2016, is predicted to hit $161.4 billion by 2023. India has been identified as a key market for emerging technologies in this sphere, where the industrial and commercial flooring segments have been growing steadily in the recent few years, thanks to the increased investments in the manufacturing and warehouse infrastructure sectors.

Having said that, this rapid growth comes with its own set of responsibilities, considering the critical role played by the flooring system in industries and warehouses.

Demand and requirement of higher throughput in Manufacturing and warehousing has led to automation, sophisticated Material handling equipment, intense movements with very specific and uncompromisable needs. Key demands necessitate:

  1. Engineered floors to meet the demands of various load type like, wheel, UDL, Rack, machine load, or operational requirements.
  2. Service under higher repetitions of vehicular loads
  3. Ability to house tall racking system with very high loads.
  4. Smooth operation of automated vehicles in VNA, ASRS and so on.
  5. Floor designed for higher wear and tear.
  6. Floor flatness and levelness requirements.

And many more based on industry type and demands. Every facility has unique demands and needs specific engineering and there is nothing like a “standard” floor which meets all the requirements across industries / environments.

Expertise, awareness of requirement, formulation of flooring concepts, engineering is a domain of specialized flooring consultants across the globe. Through varied exposure, experience they bring value engineered propositions to the table.

Monofloor specializes in the domain of design, specification, project management, testing and certification of floors. With more than 25 year of global experience, Monofloor is the industry leader. With teams based out of the UK, India, Chile, France, Spain, and Colombia, with wide variety of Industry exposure ranging from retail, automobile, commodities to heavy engineering and also varied local factors, an expert is just a call away for you.



Monofloor India has been in operation for about more than 3 years and have engineered, certified many floors across India. Monofloor has been actively contributing in training flooring companies to take on the challenges to create modern floors. Monofloor India has taken on board Ramakrishnan to spearhead their Indian operation. A postgraduate engineer from IIT-D with over a decade of industry experience, Ramakrishnan possesses deep-rooted passion and proficiency in concrete technology and material science. His experience is an added asset to Monofloor’s already strong presence, and will contribute to improved delivery and quality floors across industries in our country.

Monofloor India offers flooring consultancy services including:

  • Design of floors – starting from different types of loads etc, to various other exposure conditions, specific to the actual industry and environment with exclusive design program FloorMaster for SFRC floors, FOP and finite elements calculations for structural slabs (clad-racks, trans stockers…)
  • Specification – of performance of floors according to the unique set of requirements that the floor has to meet.
  • Project Management – developing and detailing complete plans and schedules including setting up of QA/QC processes that need to be in place to install a floor, going on to managing the installation at site according to set specifications.
  • Testing and Certification – Each floor is designed and built to suit the purpose / end use it is expected to be put to. The floor thus has to be tested and certified for the performance that the floor meets (flatness, abrasion resistance, conductivity, gloss…)
  • Floor Condition assessment – Any damages or issues in the floor, can be investigated and a repair solution needs to be recommended for the damaged floors.

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