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    To speed up land acquisition for highway projects Government goes digital

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    NEW DELHI: The land acquirement process for highway projects is set to get shorter by at least six months. Eliminating chances of mistakes and reducing the long time taken for verification of land titles the entire process will go digital.

    On a portal named “Bhoomiraashi” or compensation for land acquisition the highways ministry has undertaken a massive exercise of hosting digital details of the land of more than 6.45 lakh revenue villages across 668 districts. This will be the one-point platform for online processing of land acquisition and notifications as well.

    Quicker land acquisitions will accelerate road construction, which is one of the main focus areas of the Narendra Modi government for pushing infrastructure development and creating jobs as well.

    Workshops have already been held by the ministry with officials of Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh to sensitise them about the new scheme of things aimed at expediting the process. At present, at least one-and-half years will be taken in the completion of land acquisition. Across the country the key reason for stuck highway projects is the delay in land acquisition.

    The biggest land procurers are NHAI, road transport ministry and its new wing NHIDCL, (which undertakes works in north-east and Jammu and Kashmir). As compensation to land owners, NHAI on its own undertakes process to acquire 8,000-9,000 hectares of land annually for road development and releases around Rs 20,000 crore every year. 

    Officials said there will be no physical movement of files from the local land acquisition officer up to the minister under the new process. Similarly, on digital mode the notifications will be issued. 

    A government official said that since the land records are available digitally, there is no need for verification by legal officials, which is a time taking process. Similarly, there will be no scope for mistakes during different stages of the notification. Correcting such mistakes delays the process. 

    Sources said sending SMS alerts to the affected land owners about the updates will also be one of the features of the online system. 

    Direct transfer of the compensation to the beneficiaries’ accounts from all the agencies under highways ministry will also be enabled in the software.

    News Source: realty.economictimes.indiatimes.com

    Picture source: www.google.co.in


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