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    Sri Lanka announces $40 bn to build a new city


    Sri LankaSri Lanka’s ​P​resident​ has​ announced a $40 billion mega-development project to build a new city over the next 15 years in a push to attract more foreign investment to the country. The project envisages the construction of industrial parks, sports complexes, IT centres and other infrastructure in a huge new metropolitan area covering some 3,700 square kilometres. The country’s aim is to tap funds from both private and public sectors and above all from foreign investors, especially from Asian giants China and India, but they offered no details on financing or other details of the project. The government said it hopes to win parliamentary approval for its plans within the next six months and for construction to begin by the end of 2016. The project includes a $1.4 billion, Chinese-backed real estate project that got a final green light this month after the government suspended it last year citing various irregularities including a lack of proper permits. That project involves the construction of apartments, shopping malls, a water sports area, a golf course, hotels and marinas next to the main port in the capital Colombo.


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