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    Steel ministry to promote low-cost, durable affordable homes made of steel

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    The steel ministry will promote recycling of scraps to increase in-house production and also provide affordable homes made of steel, which are cost effective and more durable said, Union Steel Minister, Chaudhary Birender Singh. He said that the ministry wants to increase steel consumption in the country. The ministry has also prepared prototypes of affordable house for Rural Development Ministry where 5 crore affordable houses will be built in coming five years. The ministry has prepared prototypes of steel, which costs less than Rs two lakh a unit and three times more durable than the present structure. Stressing that the industry needs to promote use of steel in new and innovative ways, the minister said whether it be steel bridges, steel buildings or its related products in making roads in rural areas, steel can be used productively. The government has asked Railways, Shipping and Transport ministries to boost up use of steel in the infrastructure and industries which will increase its life to three times from 55 to 60 years at present to 150 to 150 years, claimed the minister. He said steel consumption in India still remains low compared to world standards. To avoid over capacity situation, we need to enhance consumption of steel in every possible way.

    Source: economictimes.indiatimes.com
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