SuperCurve asphalt designed for roundabouts


    asphalt designedHolcim subsidiary Aggregate Industries has launched a new high performance asphalt designed to provide a better road surface for higher stressed areas such as roundabouts and junctions. SuperCurve is a 10mm polymer modified asphalt that has been designed to meet the needs of the local authority’s road renewal programme, as well as providing a hard-wearing solution for new networks. It is high in bitumen with dense in-situ void properties of less than 5% to make it capable of withstanding the torsional forces seen on high-stress areas of roads. The recommended minimum laying thickness for SuperCurve is 35mm to 50mm according to the aggregate size, and the selection of a polymer modified binder provides additional benefits such as reduced low temperature susceptibility and improved adhesive qualities in the presence of water. Aggregate Industries says that “with impressive SCRIM* test results to prevent skidding on wet roads, SuperCurve is proving to be the go-to product for civil engineers and contractors looking to improve the performance of our roads.”


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