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    Swedish firm builds “cliff houses” for people

    Swedish firm
    Nesting boxes for people

    The Swedish firm, Manofactory has created the human equivalent of nesting boxes: small wooden structures fitted with an integrated steel frame that allow them to be hung from vertical surfaces such as cliff faces.

    The design, which was inspired by birdhouses, offers simple accommodation for one or two people with no fear of heights. The house has three storeys and a living space of less than 50 sq m. There is a small entrance with storage, a WC with shower, a kitchen with dining area, a living room and two bedrooms with an adjacent work room. The floors are accessible by a spiral staircase.

    The concept was developed by Moderna Trähus and the architects Elisabetta Gabrielli and Pontus Öhman, who are co-founders of Manofactory. The company comments that in many big cities, buildable land and available housing is in short supply, and one response is to “learn from the animals” and build houses above the “rare and expensive ground”.

    It adds that in northern Scandinavia, and other mountainous parts of the world, there are plenty of cliff walls. Cliff walls would function exceptional well for mounting and attaching small houses if equipped with a load-bearing structure, integrated in the frame.

    Source: globalconstructionreview.com

    Image source: Global Construction Review


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