TaBuLaTuM WORKSHOP & DEMINAR ON INDUSTRIAL, COMMERCIAL & SPECIAL FLOORING. A CPD ACCREDITED PROGRAMME Happning on June 1st & 2nd, 2018 at Hotel Fortune Pandiyan, Madurai.

    The Flooring (and the protection to flooring via Floor Finish) is a very important aspect of a building, whether it is a Residential, Commercial or Industrial building for different reasons. Nowadays, end users are shifting from conventional flooring options and looking to find a more efficient, cost effective and maintenance free solution. Not only is strength important, but other aspects such as Aesthetics, Abrasion resistance, Durability, etc are gaining more and more importance in the competitive world. Further, special requirements of world class facilities may vary from one Industry to the other. Some of the special requirements include Super Flat surface, Hygienic Flooring, etc.

    Value Added Protection to flooring such as Skid Resistance, Abrasion Resistance, Chemical Resistace, Freedom from Maintenance, Aesthetics, etc have gained more and more relevance nowadays both in Commercial as well as Industrial areas. This is because the flooring is the most used (or abused) surface in the building. Nowadays, customised solutions are available for each type of industry to tackle the nature of problems they face. Only by understanding these aspects can an Engineer offer Value Added Service (whether in consultancy or in construction) to the different clients to suit their requirements.

    The objective of the Workshop is to help professionals and students alike to update themselves on the advances in the field of Flooring and the various options available today. Simultaneously, the Workshop will give an opportunity for stakeholders in the flooring industry to share the details of resources available with them so that the professionals will know whom to approach and what to ask for.

    The Two Day Workshop and Deminar will cover various topics such as

    • Laser Screed Flooring
    • Alternatives to Reinforcements in Grade Slabs
    • Epoxy & PU Flooring, Flooring Admixtures from Construction Chemicals Industry
    • Industrial Tiles, Paver Blocks, etc
    • Special Concrete Flooring (Stamped Concrete, Etched Concrete, Pervious Concrete, etc)
    • Composite Deck Flooring and PT Flooring
    • Repair and Maintenance of flooring

    Who Should Attend:

    The Two Day Workshop & Deminar will be useful for Consulting Engineers, Architects, Contractors, Specialist Flooring Contractors, Engineers from Government and Public Sectors, Builders and Developers, Project Managers, Academicians, Research Scholars, Concrete Technologists, Professional Engineers registered with ECI & IEI and Engineering Students at all levels.

    Participants will be given CPD certificate at the end of the conference. Professional Engineers registered with the Engineering Council of India will be eligible for 16 Credit Hours on taking part in this event.