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Taking Rapid Strides in the Flooring Industry


Meta tuff Solutions has grown rapidly to become a well-known name in the flooring industry. The company provides concrete flooring solutions to various segments and also provides precast product solutions catering to various industrial and commercial requirements. In an exclusive chat with The Masterbuilder recently, Mr. Prashant, Designated Partner of the company spoke about its product range, emphasis on quality and future plans. Here are excerpts from the interview.

Tell us briefly about your flooring solutions?

Meta Tuff is a solution provider for concrete flooring, catering to various segments like industrial, warehouse, container freight stations, parking lots, etc. Meta Tuff is supported by Bekaert, which is the world’s largest independent manufacturer of drawn steel wire pro-ducts. It serves customers in over 120 countries and generated 4.6 billion Euros of combined sales in 2011. Metatuff is one of the authorized flooring applicators for Dramix® steel fibers.

Some of our key advantages for clients working with Meta Tuff Solutions include:

– Work in an organised and professional manner.

– Use of state of the Art technology for concrete laying and finishing by use of Laser Screed Technology by using Somero Copper Head XD 3.0 machine.

– Laser screed technology to ensure super flat concrete flooring, Laying and finishing the flat level floors with precision. This ensures higher pro-ductivity and reduces the concrete joints where ever possible.

– Turn key jobs acceptance to give single window concept for floorings.

Give us an insight into the process of how concrete is engineered to suit selected fiber geometry in the case of SFRC?

It is important to align all the resources and materials to suit the available concrete at project sites. It is almost impossible to make a concrete mix design in an office and to take it to the site. The best approach is always to define and design concrete mix design as per local availability and practical feasibilities. Every region/city has different aggregate or other characteristics. In such a scenario engineering concrete to suit selected fiber geometry is out of question. Rather we should use engineered steel fibers such as Dramix® SFRC to suit the locally available concrete.


According to you which are the key sectors that are driving the demand for Dramix reinforced concrete floors?Approximately how big would be the value of the market now?

The Indian economy is one of the world’s fastest growing economies, and with growth expected to continue at 7-7.5% despite the global downturn India is one of the favorite destinations for investments. Nearly all of the infrastructure sectors present excellent opportunities, Public private partnerships (PPPs) are gaining in importance, and are benefiting from government support – targeted PPP participation. Construction is the second largest economic activity in India.
The flooring industry in India is relatively unorganized. It is indeed a difficult task to put a real number to present or Future value. Companies like Bekaert have completed more than 400 projects in a short span of 4 years. This is an explicit example of outstanding growth and acceptance level. In general following key Sectors will drive the growth of Dramix reinforced concrete floors.

– Industrial

– Road Pavement

– Residential Parking Lot

– Warehouse

Give us a few examples of your recent landmark projects?

We have recently bagged one 50,000 sq.m industrial flooring job for one of the steel sector near to Nasik region and couple of small projects of 5000-8000 sq.m jobs are in the finalization stage in western part of India.

What are your future plans?

As we move ahead we see Metauff solutions taking larger strides in the market in India. Considering our first project has encompassed over an area of 50,000 sqm – we are quite confident this itself is a clear demarcation.
In future, Metatuff solutions will be a clear differentiator – working as an expert flooring contractor viz-a-viz normal flooring contractors who are generally driven by bigger general contractors in India currently as of today.


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