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TalK PRO Walkie Talkies for the Construction Industry


Capt. Anil Midha, (Master Mariner; M.I. MAR. Tech.) Director, Iconet TalkPROImagine this scenario at a construction site- Time is 2 am. Five miscreants from the nearby village jump over the boundary wall and start throwing steel sections to the other side of the wall. For the miscreants, the value of the theft may be a few hundred rupees. But for the contractor, these items may be very important for the next day’s installation work. Being alone, the watchman runs to seek additional help. Ten minutes have elapsed by the time help arrives. In these crucial ten minutes the material and the miscreants, both, have disappeared.

In the eyes of the Law, such incidences are classified as petty thefts. The local police is rarely proactive in the recovery of such stolen properties. The sure shot answer lies in “Quick Response Time”. Providing walkie talkies to the security staff ensures quick response at the least cost. It requires no towers or installations. At
` 5,000/- a piece, it has no substitute for covering a 5 km construction site.

In 2014, the Railway Electrification Dept. has purchased 40,000 radios for installation of electric posts and stringing operations. For the Kumbh Mela, 15,000 radios are purchased for crowd management. The Railways has bought 20,000 radios for improving the catering and cleaning services in trains.

Talk PRO model H250A Hot seller @ ` 5350/ CaptNew generation walkie talkies can be integrated with the public address system and also the intercom system of a large construction site for reducing the response time during emergencies like an outbreak of a fire or for medical assistance during an accident. TalkPRO walkie talkies have these features built in.

Talk PRO is a brand specially designed for the Indian market. Extra long time of 48 hours, inbuilt torch light for night use and a very strong body for rough use makes is ideal for use in the construction industry. Iconet, the manufacturer of this brand is located at Chennai. It sells the walkie talkies online and also through a nationwide dealer network. This brand is the market leader with 30% market share.

Gammon,Larsen, Ashoka builcon, Ahluwalia construction, Sobha builders, Hiranandani, Renault, Taj Group of Hotels are some of the customers who use TalkPRO radios for more than 10 years.

For more information on the products and solutions offered readers can visit www.iconetwireless.com or alternatively contact Haresh Chugani, GM marketing on +91 988429111 / Padma, Division In-charge wireless, on +91 9884223888 or Capt. A K Midha on +91 9884292222 for special requirements / custom made solutions for large projects Readers can also send their quires to enquiry@talkpro.inw

Iconet, which owns the TalkPRO brand, is in the radio business for more than 25 years. It has commissioned radio communication projects covering more than 500 kms with 10 voice channels in Rajasthan for Cairn India and in Tamil Nadu with 15 voice channels for Radio Trunking operations. Capt. Anil Midha, the director of the company is a master mariner; m.i. mar. tech. with 35 years experience in the marine and radio communication field. The company does a turnover of Rs. 40 crores with 50 employees. The company has service engineers from the Army corps of signals to provide nationwide service support.

For further details:
Email: enquiry@talkpro.in
Web: www.iconetwireless.com


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