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Technologically Modified Machines for the Indian Project Management

Mtandt group
Rakesh Modi
Mtandt Group

Mtandt group is managed by industry veterans and professionals from diversified industries. Through top class products, young fleet, best in class services and proximity with customers the company is crowned as the most customer-friendly organization of India. Mtandt is today recognized for its substantial contribution of innovative and safety products and is a major player in the field of Aerial Work Platforms, Fall protection devices, PPEs and safety tools.

On the eve of BC India, Masterbuilder had one to one chat with Mr. Rakesh Modi, Chairman, Mtandt  Group where he shared insights on the expectation of market, technological modification and about new products.

Here are the excerpts of the interview.

What is your expectation from the Indian market?

This year was very good. We saw a healthy growth of more than 50% in both topline and bottom line. As far as India is concerned, it is a happening place for Infrastructure growth. For a sustainable product and good return on investment, several resources need to be invested. As it started in Japan followed by  Korea, Taiwan and then China; the next destination would be India and Indonesia. However, Indonesia being prone to national disasters, India is the first choice.

Discuss the interfacial growth?

We bring innovative and reliable products for road construction industry. We have launched innovative products such as the  Permaweb, a Geocell technology, which is made of composite material and posseses property of metal. It’s now approved by most of the government agencies to complement the road durability. These are installed as the first layer of the road on which the actual road is laid. Currently, we have two road solution products. The first one is relevant to a permanent road which is suitable for heavy traffic  area which reinforces the asphalt road. Traditionally, the underground surface is flipped out when they are not reinforced. With this new product (geocells), the underlying soil reinforcement is no longer required. Yet, the life of the road is increased and its life can easily exceed 50 years. Additionally, the potholes commonly found on roads will not appear if these geocell technology is incorporated during the initial laying. This is possible because we make the deck under it very strong.

The second one is Portadeck, a temporary access and ground stabilization matting system. These mats can be used over any type of ground conditions, including extremely marshy land with almost 100% water content. Portadeck systems have load bearing capacity of 425T/m².



What are the core engineering principles for product launches and solutions?

Today every organization is working on two focus areas:  Efficiency and Safety.  Needless to say, efficiency makes the organization sustainable in the market. The next focus area is safety of people who are working. The main purpose of development is for benefiting people in particular and society in general. So, safety and efficiency is our focus in our products, in our engineering and in the solutions that we provide.  With our products and solutions, we are raising the bar on all standards. Our objective is: more efficiency and more safety would save costs, rendering higher economic benefits for the buyer.

What is the current technology you are coming up with?

We are coming up with yet another new product called Deva, launched in this Bauma Conexpo exhibition. This is one more effort from Mtandt towards efficiency and safety. It is a unique electronic system providing information and safety and is also used for data gathering. Apart from data gathering, it also performs messaging, accompanied with an audio music system. Deva opens up many possibilities such as video, wifi, smartphone. Amazingly, it is power independent with its own a solar package. It can directly be used to connect into a plugin on and off cable into the mic. It has an inbuilt amplifier. To elaborate, there are two amplifiers and it can support a cheaper version of the same model without the light, the prospector and the gatherer. It can recognize defaulting personnel; if a person is a proclaiming offender it will immediately identify that and tell the people that this is the person.

Discuss the sensors used in the system?

Basically this it self has very powerful LED Light which can be triggered with the motion sensor or the sensor which are inside the body which can detect pressure, temperature, and other parameters triggering a signal. There is a high resolution camera with 1080*1920, akin to a HD Camera. It also has motion sensors, for detecting anyone entering restricted areas. It also has capabilities of splitting pictures and take a video. It can also be programmed to a predefined message. For eg, if a person is sitting right in front of the system he can can speak this speaker to the person with audio and video too. Again it can be used two ways (pairing). It allows people to commute around with its artificial intelligence and data gathering.


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