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      Office of Superintending Engineer

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      No.329/13 Yata-NH-10/2018 Date:23-01-2018

    • Category:

      Construction, Rehabilitation & Up-gradation

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    Project Information

    1: Rehabilitation and Up-gradation to 2 lane/ 2lane with paved shoulder from
    existing Km.172.900 to Km.194.150 (Design Chainage Km.49.300 to Km.
    70.300) on Dharasu to Yamunotri Road of NH-134 (Old NH-94) in the State of
    2: Construction of Kund Bypass from Existing Km.33.130 to Km.41.260 (Existing
    Length:8.130 Km); Design Chainage: Km.35.130 to Km.47.700 (Design
    Length:12.570 Km) for NH-109 in the State of Uttarakhand.