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The Announcement of Twin Cage Hoist Being Manufactured in Hyderabad, India

Rambabu Cheruvu

CMAC has begun its journey from March 2006. They have represented various companies to start with & slowly developed the grit of foraying into Value addition. They started importing Passenger & Material hoists from China & quite successfully established the brand as   CMAC-CABR in the Indian context.

From 2009 onwards they started developing the mast sections in India thus reducing the value of Imports by almost Half from 6 Million Usd to 3 million USD. CMAC-CABR has been consistent in supplying a rugged & high-quality equipment who have been working for the last 10+years at various sites.

They are proud to have been retained by 25 clients who have at least 24+ units of our equipment.

CMAC-CABR has always been conscious of their foreign exchange outgo from time to time & started building the majority of their components from the Indian subcontinent. In the process, they started exporting equipment from India to the Middle East. This helped them in bringing the disparity of net foreign exchange outgo to a million USD.

They have been constantly upgrading the technology with the help of their technical consultants & the in-house design teams. On the technology side, they have added advanced automation to the already upgraded VFD drives.  They plan to integrate the systems with CCTV & a day’s productivity report to the owners which helps the site progress.

There are many first to the credit of the company from the time of inception. In 2007 they have given the first twin cage hoist to a prestigious developer (Ever shine Builders) in Mumbai. The first Hydraulic pusher bridge has been giving to the cooling towers application to M/S BGR Energy in 2009. The first curved hoist for the cooling towers was given to M/s Gammon India in 2009. The first massive cage, ( 4 mts *2 * 2.2 mts) was given to M/s Panchasheel reality in Pune around 2014.


CMAC-CABR takes pride in manufacturing the first Twin Cage hoist now in India. They have established their experience of delivering & maintaining the equipment to a height of 255+ mts.

“The cost of labor, The growing heights to which all the materials & the manpower should reach the volumes of materials are the factors driving Passenger & Material hoists in India.The quality inspectors, the develop-ers & the owners to inspect from time to time, these are notable few which is asking for this equipment called PMH. It is notable to say this has become the commodity interns of structures above 36 meters. Along with the machine we also give a trained operator who takes care of the man power material movements at the given sites. He is also given the basic training of the preventive maintenance. Along with this we are ensuring that he is trained to make a formal report of the days progress at the site. Added to this we are offering a comprehensive maintenance for the year on year of operations.”


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