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The Best Quality Product at the Most Competitive Price

Asian Laboratories
Mayank Rawal
Managing Director, M/s Asian Laboratories India

Asian Laboratories are the pioneer in Manufacturing of Construction Chemicals in India. They have supplied Construction Additives to all leading construction companies in India for their works in major projects constructed over the last 44 years. They are a multi-crore group with a goal to supply the best quality product at the most competitive price. Their products have assured quality and consistency in accordance with the requirements of the purchaser. They have never let any client down on this account, as a result we are the most trusted and most renowned chemical firm in India.

Masterbuilder had one to one chat with Mr. Mayank Rawal Managing Director, M/s Asian Laboratories, wherein he shared insights on their range of products and market potential of construction additives.

Here are the excerpts of the interview.

  1. What are the ranges of construction chemical manufactured by the company?

The company is manufacturing  construction chemicals for the past three decades.  The range includes as under :

  • Concrete & Mortar Admixture
  • Shotcreting / Guniting Admixture
  • Repairs & Maintenance Compounds
  • Waterproofing Products
  • Grout and Anchoring System
  • Bonding Agent
  • Anti-Corrosion Chemical Resistant Protective Coatings
  • Curing Compound & Mould Release Agent
  • Concrete Floor Hardeners & Dust Proofers
  • Concrete Surface Retarder & Cleaning Agent
  1. Discuss the significance of speciality products being offered?

The Speciality Product offered by us are :-

  • Anti washout admixtures for underwater concrete works.
  • Anti freezing admixture for cold weather conditions.
  • Asian VMA viscosity modifying admixture for self compacting concrete.
  • CEMWET- BPCP-900 – Bipolar Corrosion Inhibitor for concrete in coastal region.
  • CEMWET-SRA 2 Shrinkage reducing admixture for stitch concrete & Ultra high strength concrete.

These are the new development in admixture for highly durable concrete.

  1. Enumerate on the variation of super plasticizer services offered by the company?

Asian Laboratories was the first company to introduce superplasticizer based on Napthelene polymer in year 1977.  We supplied our products to various prestigious projects in India.  Our product was certified BIS in the year 1994.  We are producing indegenously poly carboxylic ether based super plasticizer. The product is being used by various prestigious projects in India.  We offer CEMWET SP-3000 (PCE-2) for ultra high strength concrete for M-70 and above grades of concrete The product CEMWET SP-3000(PCE-3) maintains workability for 2 hrs and develops 20mpa compressive strength in 20 hrs for M-35 grade of Pre-cast  Concrete.



  1. What has been the most challenging project in recent times?

In recent time we have successfully used non shrinkage epoxy grout for the alignment of steel bearings for the Delhi Metro Project.

Aquagel-9 – Chemical grout was used to stop leakages in one of the Delhi Metro Station Works, without removing tiles and damaging existing structure. Aquagel-9 is a chemical grout having very low viscosity equivalent to water and can be penetrated deep inside cracks. The product has adjustable gel time form 30 Sec. to 1 hr.

  1. What is the potential of construction additives market in India?

There is a great potential of construction additives market in India.  New products like crystalline waterproofing, Superplasticizer having shrinkage reducing properties, Accelerators based on nanoparticles, Bipolar Corrosion inhibitor and admixture for self healing concrete have a great potential in years to come.


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