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Third Generation Nano Polymer Binder


Kaveri Ultra Polymers P Limited is in the field of Manufacturing Bulk Material Handling Equipments for the Infrastructure Industry catering to Cement Plants, Power Plants, Steel Plants, Mines, Mineral Beneficiation Plants, Ferrous & Non-Ferrous Plants, Chemical & Fertilizers Plants, Foundry, Ports, Railways, etc.

During the past 70 years, a number of countries have been researching and developing various polymeric admixtures in modified concrete mortars. Today, the USA, Germany, Japan have Standard Specifications for polymer-modified mortars and concretes. However, in general, the construction industry has been a pedestrian in adopting technology. Smart Materials have been developed as a re-naissance to the stoic road construction industry.

In this regard, the company has entered into a Joint Venture partnership with Polymers Pavement Pty Ltd. for the last 10 years to focus on Research and Development to manufacture and dev-elop an environment-friendly and smart material industrial polymer based products for Infrastructure Development Industry. viz. SoilTech Mk. III.

Nano Polymer Binder Used For Stabilizing Soils

SoilTech Mk. III is a third generation nano polymer binder used for stabilizing soils for improving the strength of the soil and thereby improving the stability. It is a stabilization agent and was specifically designed & developed for mine haul road stabilization, where excessive loading occurs and where all-weather roads are required. This technology is now used in commercial road design.

The stabilizing polymers are elastomers, which gain strength from mechanical compaction and do not become brittle when cured. The elastomers are flexible in nature and allow a certain amount of flex under load and do not become brittle unlike cement stabilization, will not crack under excessive loading one aspect in reducing layer work in design phases.

These Polymers are the forefront of binding marginal soils and turning these materials into useable road construction aggregate. SoilTech Mk. III has been extensively tested with in-situ materials in various parts of the world. SoilTech Mk. III has been extensively utilized in base and subbase stabilization using in-situ materials, throughout the developing world. SoilTech Mk. III stabilizer has been purposely designed to penetrate through the road’s base layer, into the sub-base layer, via capillary action and bind otherwise loose particles to one another, providing strength and cohesion.

This specialized polymer is mixed with water which acts as a means of transport and facilitates the polymer in coating the soil particles. Once the water disperses, the polymers interlock and form a bond which gains strength under mechanical compaction.

These Polymer is used for stabilizing base and subbase layers of sealed and unsealed roads; mine haul roads, railway embankments, hard stands, parking lots and airstrips. SoilTech Mk. III Polymer offers solutions for Asphalt Roads, Rural & Feeder Roads (Sealed or Unsealed), Mine Haul Roads, Container Depots & Parking Lots to name a few.



Advantages of the specialized Polymer

– Reduce the consumption of quarry aggregate in road construction and thereby minimize the significant environmental impacts.
– Extensively tested with in-situ materials in various parts of the world
– Decreases Road Crust resulting in speedy construction
– 20% Savings in cost of construction
– Reduced maintenance
– Increases the strength and stability of base & sub-base layer

Applications for Road Construction using SoilTech Mk. III

Government Sector

– National Highways
– State Highways
– Border Roads
– Rural Roads

Private Sector

– Real Estate Projects
– Industrial Layouts
– Mines
– Smart Cities
– Power Plants
– Container Depots
– Railways
– Warehousing

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