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Tile Fixing Adhesives and Flooring Products


Flooring market in India is seeing an upward trend owing to all around innovation. There is availability of huge number of flooring services, each one different from the other. One such group of service provider is ARDEX ENDURA (India) Pvt Ltd.

ARDEX ENDURA (INDIA) PVT LTD is a joint venture between ARDEX Group, Germany and Prism Cement Limited, India. ARDEX Group is a Construction Chemicals major established in 1949 at Witten, Germany and the strong internal growth and intelligent acquisitions in foreign markets has put the ARDEX Group on the map in 84 countries. AEIPL has Technical Know-How agreements with ARDEX and the latest technology flows in from its Centers of Excellence. The Company’s products like ‘Silver Star’, Gold Star’, ‘Diamond Star’, ‘Platinum Star’, ‘White Star’, etc., are well known in the Indian Construction Sector.

The comprehensive portfolio of products encompasses Tiling & Stone Care products, Industrial & Commercial flooring solutions, Waterproofing systems, Concrete Repair and Decorative finishes. Masterbuilder had one to one chat with Ramesh Srinivasan, Vice President – Marketing, wherein he shared insights on their product and an overview of the market in general.



Discuss the range of tile fixing adhesives and flooring products offered by the company?

ARDEX ENDURA offers an extensive range of intelligent, cost effective solutions for every aspect of tiling, from adhesives to grouts for kitchen, bathroom, indoors and outdoors, for domestic and commercial projects. With the extended open time and patented technology of MICROTEC® fibre-reinforcement, the products are extremely easy to use and perfectly matched, allowing jobs to be handled simply and efficiently – step by step and with minimum effort.

Whether it’s a question of a decorative floor or installing hard-wearing surfaces in commercial and industrial applications, ARDEX ENDURA offers the right products no matter how diverse and challenging the requirements. Thanks to innovative ARDEX RAPIDDRY FORMULA technology based fast-track products, long drying and waiting times are a thing of the past. Work can be completed in next to no time and surfaces can be opened for use quickly. The high coverage and excellent workability of guarantee maximum cost efficiency every time.

PANDOMO® by ARDEX is a modern surfacing system that provides total architectural design freedom. When you’re creating floors, walls or ceilings, everything starts with your individual concept. No matter what look you decide on, whether classic, refined and homogenous or entirely unique, PANDOMO® product systems can make it happen.


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How sustainable are ARDEX ENDURA products?

All products in ARDEX ENDURA is designed to work together as an integrated system. Each product is the result of research and development with the help of specifiers and contractors to ensure absolute product performance.

ARDEX ENDURA products have a track record of more than 19 years in India with more than a million square meters of Tiling and flooring products across the globe.



What is the current economics of the Indian flooring industry?

The Indian economy is one the fastest growing economy in the world. The driving factors for Indian flooring industry are: major Government initiatives by opening of the economy and encouraging investments from various countries, growth in the Food & Beverages/ Pharma / Hospitals/ Engineering industries and focus on the Defence sector.



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