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Toshniwal Mixer: Powder Wall Putty Manufacturing


Toshniwal offers Twin shaft paddle mixer works on ” Fluidized Zone” mixing principle, More no of mixing tools, faster movement of particle and zero dead spot features helps to homogeneously blend the white cement, Fillers and powder additive etc., very preciously, to achieve the desired demanding properties such as:

The resultant better homogeneous mixing effect of” Toshniwal Mixer” assures the white cement based putty is used to fill the uneven surface of cement Plaster and concrete wall, the wall putty provides smooth and strong finish To the walls for further application of all types of paints, the cement based Wall putty got better binding properties hence it is more durable, being Water resistant it is ideal for keeping the paints safe and eliminates any Chance of flaking. The smooth white finish gives a brilliant look to the paints

The Trial facilities with demo Mixer unit, scale up production facilities with medium capacity Mixer will be provided. The Economy Mixer unit will be offered those who intended for start up unit.

The Mixer has proven record for the building materials and construction care products like

Building  Material            Construction Care

-Dry Mortar                        -Integral Water proofing compound

-Renders                              -Grouts Floor Hardener

-Wall Plasters                     -Repairing Mortar

-Wall Putty(Dry)               -Tile Joining Compound

-Floor Screeds                   -Thermal Insulation products

-Skim coats                         -Fire Proof cement

-Blended Cement               -Wall Paper Compounds



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