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    Track Doubling Projects for Bangalore Railway Division Nearing Completion


    track doublingFive long years after two crucial track doubling projects were proposed for the Bangalore Railway Division, are ​nearing completion. Laying a second railway line between Yelahanka and Yeshwantpura well as between Yelahanka and Channasandra are the projects. Apart from the possibility of an increase in the number of trains on these sectors run along these routes, the creation of another rail track marks a significant step towards putting in place vital infrastructure if the suburban rail service for the City materializes. The immediate benefit would be an improvement in punctuality of trains as a train proceeding in one direction would not have to move to the yard and give way to a train coming in the opposite direction. Both the projects were proposed in the Railway Budget of 2009-2010. The seven-km track doubling project between Yelahanka and Yeshwantpur (Lotte Gollahalli) that cost Rs.27 crore when proposed, shot up to Rs.94 crore due to the delay in implementation. Similarly, the 12 kms between Yelahanka and Channasandra that initially cost Rs.37 crore increased to Rs.107 crore. The project would be completed by February 2016 and after clearance by the Commissioner for Rail Safety, they are expected to be commissioned by March next year. The Yelahanka yard, which has been categorized as an ‘Adarsh station’ (Model station) is being remodelled entirely so that it would have enough space to house more trains.


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