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    Track management system (TMS) : Technology to solve railway fractures

    Track management system

    Track management system (TMS) is the Technology to solve railway fractures. The details of the track management system (TMS) — a software that keeps a detailed record of the inspection of track and defects.

    The software contains detailed information on the number of inspections undertaken, defects found, age of the track, maintenance schedule and every other detail pertaining to the railway tracks.

    The software is under the surveillance of civil engineers who disclose the details to officials when sought.

    The officials said the lack of data was preventing the Central Railway (CR) from keeping a detailed record of the number of rail fractures witnessed.

    According to them, the data can give clarity on the steps to be taken to repair these fractures on the CR, which sees frequent track-related issues.

    “At present, there is no transparency in reporting of fractures… Rail renewals are at a backlog and traffic blocks are not being made available.”

    “Unrestricted access of the data from TMS is thus a must,” said a senior railway official.

    “ The technology in use to detect fractures thus fails to be of much use. We also face a lack of new rails to replace the old ones in time,” said another senior CR official who closely looks at track maintenance.

    “Rail fractures in Mumbai division of CR are equally being caused due to trespassing.

    The movement of commuters on tracks loosens soil beneath the tracks,” said Divisional Railway Manager, CR, Ravinder Goyal.

    The CR witnessed at least five rail fractures in July, delaying services and causing bunching of trains.

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