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Tremco Basement & Roof Waterproofing Systems

Tremco India

Tremco India Private Limited, brings together solutions for complete waterproofing of various structures. Our solutions cater to Buildings, Infrastructure as well as Industrial Structures. Some of the key waterproofing systems for Basements and Roofs that Tremco Offers are:

TREMproof® 250GC

This cold fluid-applied elastomeric modified polyurethane waterproofing membrane is rapid-curing, high solids, VOC-compliant and can be applied to damp or green concrete. It is a one-part moisture-curing elastomer available in three viscosities: self-leveling, roller and trowel (for detailing only).

TREMproof 250GC can be applied in as little as 24 hours following the removal of concrete forms. It can also be applied to damp concrete, reducing the delays associated with rain or other sources of moisture. The unique ability to catalyze TREMproof 250GC SL with water when desired will speed cure times, especially in cold temperatures and low relative humidity, to further condense the construction schedule. TREMproof 250GC can be applied at a rate of up to 3 mm in a single lift to speed application without sacrificing performance. It can also be applied in multiple lifts to achieve a 6 mm, high-build system when maximum protection is required.

Cool Roof Waterproofing: AlphaGuardTM MT

The popular AlphaGuardTM MT is a fluid-applied roofing system that can turn your older but still functional roof into a long-lasting, highly efficient weatherproofing system for a fraction of the cost of replacement. The AlphaGuard MT system is a single-component, very low-odour, fully reinforced, aliphatic polyurethane, moisture-triggered roofing waterproofing system that can be used to restore and replace existing roofing systems. Its “moisture-triggered” curing mechanism is far more dependable than the “moisture-cured” mechanism of commodity coating systems, allowing the roof to be installed and operational much more quickly. The AlphaGuard MT system has many other advantages for contractor and end user alike.



The benefits of AlphaGuard MT include: Economical | Excellent all weather flexibility, elongation and tensile strength | Low odour | Easy to apply and repair | Excellent Reflectivity, High SRI and Emittance | UL Fire rated | Weathers well and is easy to maintain | Excellent resistance to chemicals, rain, traffic, hail and mold/fungus/ mildew | Can be used over aged asphalt waterproofing, existing built-up roofs, concrete, metal, wood, cement boards and a variety of other substrates | Cost saving as there is no removal of existing waterproofing system | Significantly reduces the Temperature to maintain cooler buildings

Since 1928, Tremco has developed the most comprehensive, world class “Six-SidedWaterproof Building Envelope” protection systems. Tremco India, brings this90+ years of experience in waterproofing, sealing, fireproofing and glazing along with a range of outstanding product systems to India. We commit to bring the best-established practices to the Indian market, with a strong focus on global standard specifications. We establish and encourage accountability in terms of both materials and application, which translates to better value for money for our customers.



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