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Trowel Polished Concrete

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Understanding Industrial and Warehouse Floors

Floors have always been a problematic issue for most industrialists and warehouse owners. There are various factors that come into play when designing an industrial floor. These include considerations of the kind of machinery and equipment that will be installed, the usage the floor will be subjected to and the kind of traffic the floor will experience-foot traffic, pallet trucks, forklifts etc. After determining these factors an expert should be consulted to determine the thickness of the floor, the quantity and design of steel reinforcement required and the grade of concrete to be used. Unfortunately, a lack of knowledge and the need to control the overall project costs leads most people to make bad decisions when it comes to choosing the type of concrete floor. It is therefore important to educate clients today about making the right decision when it comes to concrete flooring because it is the hardest to repair in a functioning industry.

Understanding Polished Concrete

Most concrete floors need further treatment depending upon the industry. By their very nature concrete floors have a tendency to release dust. Run your hand over an untreated concrete floor and your palm will come up gray. This release of concrete dust is a result of unreacted Calcium Hydroxide that is present in the concrete. If left unchecked it leads to the continued deterioration of the concrete floor. Polished Concrete has proven to be the ideal solution to all of these problems. Not only is it more durable than an untreated floor it also looks great. The main advantages of Polished Concrete floors are outlined below:


As a result of this Polished Concrete has slowly started to make its place in industries and warehouses as the flooring of choice. But an interesting problem is being faced in its execution for very large projects (projects having a floor area more than 20,000 sqm). And the problem is lack of time. Using conventional machines it takes a long time to polish very large floors.

Let’s take the warehouse industry as an example. Warehouse developers deploy a large amount of capital in land and building and their sole aim is to lease out the property as soon as possible. Although the developers as well as their clients have seen the advantages of Polished Concrete they are often times unable to go ahead due to the time taken to polish the floor. The extra time given for polishing the floor leads to a straight loss of revenue and the bigger the project the bigger the loss. Warehouse development is a cut throat market and the developers calculate rent loss on a per day basis not in terms of weeks or months.



Trowel Polished Concrete: The Way Forward for Large Projects

So even though Polished Concrete was the solution that everybody wanted the bottleneck was the time taken. The solution to this problem is finally available. And it is using Ride on Trowels to polish the floor. Ride on Trowels are machines that are normally used to finish wet concrete. They are an integral part of the floor laying process. And large panel floors used in big projects are always finished using these machines. Surie Polex has developed a concrete polishing system that fits under Ride on Trowel machines. This system converts the machine into a polishing machine. And the best part: polishing with a Ride on Trowel is 7 to 10 times faster than polishing with a conventional grinder. This phenomenal jump in speed allows the very large projects to now go in for Polished Concrete.

Trowel Polished Concrete: A Great Business Proposal

It is only a matter of time before more and more large industries and warehouse developers ask for Trowel Polished Concrete. Contractors who invest in this technology today will have multiple advantages. These early adopters will be ahead of the curve. They can add Trowel Polished Concrete as a service to their existing portfolio. So whether it is a concrete flooring contractor or a concrete polishing contractor by offering Trowel Polished Concrete along with their current services, they are able to find a new avenue for business and add to their top-line and bottom-line. SURIE POLEX offers the unique advantage of being the only Indian manufacturer of the Trowel Polishing System. With company offices in Delhi and Bangalore and more than 50 distributors spread across the country SURIE POLEX provides consumables and spare parts ex-stock across India.

Polishing with a Ride on Trowel is 7 to 10 times faster than polishing with a conventional grinder.

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