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    Turkey invites competitors for developing a new genre of Bandirma Park

    Bandirma Park
    Image caption: Bandirma city

    Bandirma Park Competition invites competitors to generate innovative ideas for developing a new genre of park cultivating the notion of spatial design and planning as well as creating a recreational center at the regional scale.  Located in the most dynamic region of Turkey, Bandirma is planned to perform as the major gateway of the growing Turkish industrial export after the envisioned new port.  It is foreseen that this regional transformation will spur the desired metamorphosis of the spatial quality for the city of Bandirma.  Jury’s main expectations from the competitors, in this framework, is to design an open milieu for generating research and development, experiencing and experimenting space and design, sharing and transferring the universal design knowledge and conception through direct involvement of the public. The existing architectural heritage and the unique characteristics of the natural landscape within the site is to be a valuable ground for conceiving a vital environment for design and research.   It is believed that with their original program and content, the selected design schemes will suggest a pioneering model that inspires new and novel applications in different urban contexts.

    Source: competition.balikesir.bel.tr


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