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    Turner & Townsend bags project management contract for a $1.55 bn fuel pipeline in eastern Africa



    U K based professional services company, Turner & Townsend has won a project management contract for a $1.55-billion fuel pipeline in eastern Africa. Black Rhino Group, which receives funding from New York City-based Blackstone Group LP, and Johannesburg-based Mining, Oil & Gas Services, a Royal Bafokeng Holdings subsidiary, are developing the project. The project is in “a set-up phase.” The project involves the creation of a buffer storage-tank farm in Damerjog, located in Djibouti. The farm will be connected by a 20-in. steel pipeline to a storage terminal and truck-loading facility at Awash, which is on the outskirts of Ethiopia’s capital Addis Ababa. Turner & Townsend says the pipeline, which will transport about 240,000 barrels per day of fuel, “will greatly ease the pressure on the current 800-kilometer route, which requires 500 tanker trucks daily” on a narrow two-lane highway. When completed, the project is expected to increase both Ethiopia’s and Djibouti’s energy security and also contribute to reduction of harmful emissions.


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