Turnkey Solutions Portfolio which Comprises of Complete Design to Delivery of a Project

    precast technology
    CN Sridhara
    Head Technical & Marketing
    Preca Solutions India Pvt. Ltd.

    With a firm conviction in the innovative and dynamic qualities of prestressed and precast technology, Preca’s efforts to bring proven technologies and methods of construction to the Real Estate and Infrastructure sectors are well underway. Having successfully executed large scale projects worldwide, including Israel and Africa, Preca is now poised on the threshold of a golden age in the Indian construction industry.

    Backed by the biggest precast equipment manufacturer in Europe, Preca is now geared to bring about change with prestressed and precast technology from Europe, Israel and Dubai, to Indian industry. Firmly established as a specialist in its area of expertise, Preca is determined to make a difference in the development of various segments such as commercial and retail; residential; hospitality; industrial; and warehousing.

    On the verge of Precast innovation across the country, Masterbuilder had one to one chat with CN Sridhara, Head Technical & Marketing, Preca Solutions India Pvt. Ltd. wherein he shared insights on precast construction market and services provided by the company.

    Here are the excerpts of the interview.

    What are the advancements in precast construction?

    In the Indian construction scenario, one unique precast product for which demand is increasing every day, is an insulated wall panel. Though widely used abroad, these panels are only now becoming popular in our industry. An insulated precast concrete wall panel, also sometimes called “sandwich” wall panel, is a precast concrete wall panel with two layers of concrete separated by a layer of rigid insulation. The two layers of concrete, are connected by specially designed connecting systems and vary in thickness based on the structural and architectural requirements of a project. Sandwich wall panels can be used on all types of projects.  As per functional and design requirements, the interior and exterior layers of concrete can be readily designed to handle the structural requirements for strength and safety as well as the architectural and sound dilution qualities the client may require. In non-loading bearing areas, the panels may be used in order to decrease the weight of the building. We are currently using composite sandwich panels in the construction of Telugu Desam Party’s Vijayawada Head Quarters.

    What is the USP of precast services provided by Preca?

    A majority of our competitors outsource the scope of design and detailing of projects whereas our team of experts are our strength. This strengthens our turnkey solutions portfolio which comprises of complete design to delivery of a project. Our In-house Engineering & Design team composes of expats & foreign returned Indians with high degree of qualification and vast experience in precast technology. Our team of experts at every level, without any distinction of origin or culture, are our most valuable assets.



    Discuss few remarkable projects done by the company?

    Every project we do is unique and remarkable in one way or another. High strength, durability and rapid construction are qualities that bind all of our projects together. However, following are few project which possess unique features

    1. Crematorium-Mahaprasthanam, CSR Project: Precast Concrete is very versatile and can be cast into any shape or form. In this project, which is one our most unique architectural venture, is an exposed concrete structure and comprises of inclined wall panels and roof slabs. A new connection design appropriate for such a structure had to be developed. Also, the precast panels making up the walls of the various sheds of the crematorium were engraved with the words of the Bhagavad-Gita which was achieved using laser etched polymeric substance as moulds. This project has won multiple architectural accolades.
    2. Parking Structure, SBI Campus, CPWD: The immense advantage of using prestressed precast technology for parking structures is well document. However, the architecture of this project called for a circular ramp. Hence curved precast beams were cast in the shape of arcs to envelope the circular ramp. An intense coordination between our design, fabrication and production teams makes such enterprising tasks executable.

    3)            Sai Life Science, Production Block, Bidar Karnataka: A distinctive advantage that prestressed precast technology offers for the Industrial sector is high strength without compromising durability. This particular project is being designed with loads of 40kN/sq.m. in order to accommodate the high loading requirement of the client. It is testament to the strength capabilities of prestressed precast concrete.

    What is the expansion plan between 2018-2020?

    With our two plants we are currently catering to the south and east parts of India. Over the next two ear, we plan to establish two more plants in other geographic regions thereby effectively tripling our capacity. Our experience so far and the on the rise of construction demand for precast will ensure that these facilities will be a success.


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