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    UK mulls solid wall insulation to reduce carbon emissions


    UK mullsThe UK has a legally binding commitment to reduce carbon emissions from 1990 levels by a massive 80% by 2050. To achieve this goal and a greener environment UK is trying to reap many sustainable ways including solid wall insulation (SWI). UK’s Chief construction adviser, Peter Hansford, has delivered his recommendations to restore the credibility of the solid wall insulation. There are around 26 million existing homes in the United Kingdom and over eight million of these have solid walls. Mr. Hansford found that SWI is an important measure available to be deployed for improving energy efficiency and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. In addition to the carbon reduction benefits, its properties include improving comfort, health and wellbeing; supporting fuel security by reducing overall energy demand; addressing fuel poverty and so on, said Hansford. He further said that SWI is to be promoted as an effective retrofit solution to overcome depressed demand of it due to variety of policy and technical reasons. The Green Construction Board of UK is therefore keen to see increased demand for SWI and better standards of design and installation, so as to significantly reduce carbon across the domestic sector of the built environment.


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