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Ultra MOD Sand: The Efficient Use of Cement


Sandesh MahaleSandesh Mahale

Managing Director
MAAD Sands & Minerals Pvt. Ltd.

A popular thought down the ages has been – “There are, as many stars in the universe, as all the grains of sand, in the beaches of the world”. However, as the sands of time passed, natural sand is becoming a finite commodity. Dredging, of sand from the rivers and its streams, has been banned in many advanced countries of the world, to maintain the ecological balance by preventing erosion of precious agricultural land. In India too, the government has banned dredging of sand, from streams and river beds.

With India embarking on an unprecedented infrastructure development spree, need for high quality concrete has shot up. With the market producing 90 crore cubic meter of concrete, approximately six crore truckloads of sand (one truck load is 15 ton) are needed. Collection of six crore truckloads of sand, from river and stream beds presents a very serious environmental problem. The ban on dredging natural sand has spurred the rising demand for manufactured sand, which is being done by the quarrying industry. However, in India, the quarrying companies largely belong to the unorganized sector. The manufactured sand produced by them is done in an unscientific manner and supplied to construction sites. The concrete industry here is forced to accept such non-standard crushed sand, making the production of concrete (by this low quality sand) necessitate a use of extra cement, which is a national waste. Other countries in the world were also facing similar problems earlier. However, they have now solved the problem by using modern science and technology, to produce a class of manufactured sand suitable for producing any type and grade of concrete.

In this time of sand scarcity in India, the Mumbai-based MAAD Mines & Minerals Pvt. Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of engineered sand. Going by the name of ‘Ultra MOD Sand’, the environment friendly sand aggregates and fly ash bricks are being made in the State of Maharashtra. MAAD Mines & Minerals, is the sister organization of MAAD Realtors & Infra Ltd. and one of the leading builders in the Vasai – Virar region and Thane district.

Ultra MOD Sand

Ultra MOD Sand or Eco Sand is manufactured by processing granites or basalt or any other suitable type of rocks, chosen from the best quarries. The rocks are crushed, using three-stage crusher consisting of a primary stage of jaw crusher, secondary stage of cone crusher and a vertical shaft impactor (VSI), made by a world class manufacturer. Ultra MOD Sand is suitable for making all grades of concrete, especially the high grade, high performance 100 Mpa concrete. This type of concrete will help in the infrastructural development of India, because it is ideal for constructing roads, flyovers, bridges, dams, mass houses and airfields. Ultra MOD Sand makes good mortar for use in brick masonry, while the presence of oversized pebbles in natural sand is a hindrance for masons, to control joint thickness. Moreover, Ultra MOD Sand is well-graded and imbibes good shape without needing extra water, as compared to natural sand.

Although, most of the major quarrying companies have made significant progress in using manufactured sand, MAAD has taken a huge step ahead with the technologically advanced Ultra MOD Sand. It has never been made in India before. Its good quality extends the durability of construction. Excessive dust is not only a nuisance but also makes the sand unsuitable for making good concrete. Other manufactured sand, available in the market consists of 18 to 22 per cent of 150µ. There are hardly any suppliers, who have hitech sand washing system to limit the dust content consistently. Ultra MOD Sand is manufactured using hitech ‘Hydrocyclic’ sand washing system, by the trade name ‘Evowash System’, used in conjunction with VSI crusher equipment. The manufactured sand is washed in a scientific manner, to remove dust to a predetermined level. MAAD limits 150µ to 10 to 12 per cent and 75µ up to 5 per cent by weigh at. The vision of the company is to ‘produce superior quality of engineered sand to help the concrete industry’.

Advantages of Ultra MOD Sand vis-à-vis Natural Sand

Since it is produced using selected rock mass, it is free from impurities like mud, silt, clay, decayed organic matter, chlorides and sulphide, as compared to natural sand, which contains several of these impurities. This is one of the biggest advantages of Ultra MOD Sand. The scientific technology and equipment used by MAAD Sand & Minerals in manufacturing process to produce top quality concrete also ensures factors for good shape and surface texture. Manufactured sand can also be produced in any desired grading. Good grading is the most important property of aggregates for making workable, economical and durable concrete. Natural sand is rarely well-graded.

Eco sand can be manufactured to have good shape and surface texture. The technology is inbuilt in the manufacturing process, for attaining good shape and surface texture. There is no doubt, natural sand has some advantages in respect to shape factor, however, in respect to texture the surface being smooth, it suffers from reduced bond strength.

Manufactured sand is screened by different vibrating screens. It being scientifically washed contains all sized particles, including particles smaller than 75 microns. Extensive studies have shown the presence of a small quantity of 6 per cent, of minus 75 micron material results in reduced water demand and cement demand, while improving workability at the same time. Whereas, in natural sand very fine particles are not permitted, because such fine particles can only be in the form of mud and clay. The uncompacted voids in all-in aggregates of manufactured sand produced by VSI crushers, using rock-on-rock technology, was found to be 34 per cent, as compared to 36 per cent of uncompacted all-in aggregate, from natural sources.

Maad 2

The Ultra MOD Sand Brand’s Product Range       

MAAD offers three variants of Ultra MOD Sand:
(I). Ultra MOD Sand – Concrete
The unique features of Ultra MOD Sand – Concrete include:
– 150µ content limited to 12% and 75µ below 3%-6% by weight.
– Delivered in SSD condition, resulting in no additional correction for water absorption.
– Free water content at par with the best available natural sand.
– Tested for High Performance Concrete (HPC) and Self-Compacting Concrete (SCC).
– Consistent gradation
(II). Ultra MOD Sand – Plaster
The unique features of Ultra MOD Sand – Plaster are:
– Shape comparable to natural sand.
– 1:5 instead of 1:4 results in lower cement consumption.
– No oversize particles.
– Rich cement mortar up to 35 Mpa can be achieved.
– Delivered in SSD condition, resulting in no additional correction for water absorption.
– Consistent below 3mm gradation.
(III). Ultra MOD Sand – PrePlast
The unique features of Ultra MOD Sand – PrePlast are as follows:
– Available in 40 kg bag, easy to store, easy to handle (almost 0% wastage).
– Added with glass fibre for better performance.
– Around 25% savings as compared to nearest replacement, i.e., natural sand.

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