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Unmatched Uniformity in Flooring Installation

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For any industrial, warehouse space it is necessary to invest on right choice of flooring materials as the performance of floor, has direct bearing on the production, maintenance. A wrong selection can result in high maintenance cost, which is, not only of repair cost but also of production breakdowns. Modern Material handling equipment have very maintenance and spare costs. Damages due to floor surface quality, and movements on broken joints can be very expensive. Rocland which is RCR Industrial FLooring group company specialises in offering wide product range for such specific application. RCR is one of the largest flooring group across the globe and has wide exposure and expertise in the domain of flooring. Rocland Offers wide range of Dry Shake Hardeners complying with international standards. Rocland are pioneer in Dry Shake & Slurry based COLOURED HARDENER with unmatched uniformity in colour shades. Their Floor installations can be carried out on any floor surface for different usage and needs . Being flooring specialists, our qualified technical staffs are having specific in-depth product knowledge to assist clients in consultations and deliver accurate quotes and work that is on budget and on schedule.



Masterbuilder had one to chat with Ajay Singam, Director Rocland Pvt. Ltd., wherein he shared insights on company’s high end solution and an overview of the market in general.


Ajay Singam, Director Avcon Technics Pvt. Ltd


Here are few excerpts of the interview.

Discuss about the indoor and outdoor flooring system of the company?

Concrete which has proven through times is the most durable material and most versatile. All the products have been engineered around cement concrete. Rocland Beton range of products and systems are designed to meet the requirements of aesthetics and performance.

Indoor flooring systems range from thin tops to toppings directly on floor concrete. Beton Cire is a 2-3 mm very hard spatula applied flooring, which can be applied on any substrate like, vitrified tiles, marbles, and granite, concrete. Random strokes, 2-tone effect are the highlight of this system. Beton Lisse is a self-leveling 4-6mm system, which again can be installed on any base surface. Rocland also offers self-leveling underlayment where base is not prepared. Indurit product line offers vast range of applications. Some of the applications are:

Thin screeds of 8-12mm thickness which are available in various color range and can be polished after 24 hours.

Terrazzo range in 8-10mm with 2-3mm aggregate exposure to 25mm system with 8-12mm aggregate exposure.

Fresh-on-Fresh toppings- its slurry topping of QUALITOP MASTER, QUALIROC, available in various colors. It is spread on freshly leveled green concrete and finished with power trowel. It can be topped on Concrete Screeds on structural slab, Grade slabs on ground.



Seamless flooring option in fresh-on-fresh topping can be done by designing grade slab as seamless floor with all tied joints. There are installations in India as well on this system.
Outdoor flooring options are in colour toppings, Imprint (stamped) concrete. Exposed aggregate finish.

What are key requirements of durable floor?

Primarily the floor has to be designed considering all the types of applicable loads. It is also important to have proper detailing incorporating all functional requirements, execution methods, resources etc. Wearing top surface and Joints are the key function areas which is addressed by Rocland product range. Concrete produced with crushed / manufactured sand has lots of fines, which floats on the top and forms a weak top surface besides map cracking. Concrete mix design incorporates higher pozzolans (flyash) which is the main source of floor dusting. Concrete floors with these limitations can be protected by a thick 4-6mm top layer of Fresh-on-Fresh Rocland hardener topping system.

Rocland offers wide range of hardeners (AR 2.0 to 0.5) meeting the Abrasion classification as per BS 8204. This can be mixed in water and spread at a dosage rate of 12-14 kgs per sqm to form 4-6mm thcik layer of abrasion resistant topping. Unlike dry shake topping the top layer meets the AR class. In dry shake system, hardener gets mixed with cement paste of concrete and the AR class is not the same. Secondly thicker layer offers a durable life.



Joint protection is offered by a wide range of PERMABAN armoured joints. Permaban are pioneers with more than 2 decades of performance. Permaban joints namely Eclipse, Betaedge, Signature systems have been in use India for more than 3 years. Permaban joints have been engineered to offer a long lasting protection to joints as well as concrete behind it.

What e the prevalent factors of the indian flooring industry?

Implementation of GST will improve logistic industry and we expect consolidation of market. Larger spaces will be preferred to smaller godowns/ warehouses. This will generate demand for better designed, durable floors.

Growth in internal demand pushing the industries to expand. Automobile, Tyre industries have show significant expansion. All of these industries demand a good quality floor.



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