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Unparalleled Expertise in Post-Tensioned Engineering


With over 3000 completed projects spread over 75 project locations across the Country, Utracon Structural Systems has cemented its leading position in post tensioning design and execution.

The advancements in structural engineering along with the introduction of high strength concrete and steel opened up new avenues of design of efficient structural systems. Especially, in post tensioning, designers are able to achieve design optimization by imparting forces internally to the concrete structure to counteract and balance loads sustained by the structure. This has enabled the designer to come with highly efficient structural systems. Here comes, a name to be reckoned with, Utracon, which in a short span of a decade has gained a strong footage in the post tensioning design and project execution. Established in Singapore by a group of professionals, Utracon has become the Numero Uno post-tensioning contractor with its cables laid in India Malaysia, U.A.E, Srilanka, Indonesia and Vietnam.




Utrcon’s India operations started in 2004, and in association with over 950 clients / developers, Utracon today boasts of completing over 250 million sq ft PT slab area. The company has a solid presence in all the 2 and 3 tier cities of India. Operating across the breadth and width of the country Utracon has accumulated a rich track record of projects for private and public sectors including sky-scrapers, massive civil engineering projects. Kohinoor Square (203-52FL) – Mumbai, the tallest commercial tower in India, (Transfer Girder at 45th floor) West Inn Hotel, Pune (Transfer girder supporting 8 storied Hotel + Entire floors with PT slab) Anna Centerary Library Building – Chennai, (Auditorium PT Beams – 42m Span ( 140 feet span ), Kapil Towers – Hyderabad, (Transfer slab supporting upper 13 floors), The Capital- Mumbai, egg shaped centre eye design with flat plate design, Multi Specialty Hospital Building – Chennai, (42mtr column free assembly hall) are a few to mention.

Utracon has an enviable team of over 400 highly skilled engineers and technicians, ably supported by experienced management team. Being a post-tensioning specialist, Utracon has developed its own slab post-tensioning system (Bonded and unbonded systems) to meet the requirement of its project. UPS flat anchorage system is tested to the latest European code requirements (ETA), and all its major components manufacturing processes are subjected to Utracon factory production control procedures. Stringent in house QA and QC measures have ensured that UPS slab post-tensioning components are of the highest quality when delivered to site. Its systems comply with international specifications and recommendations eg: ASTM, AASHTO, BS, EUROCODE, DIN, AUSTRIAN CODE, SIA, FIP, EOTA, IS CODE, etc. The quality of UPS products and services is in full compliance with the above.




Utracon double-layer galvanized steel duct is rigid and watertight, and is used for both post-tensioning works and as sleeves in P.T Structures. We supply ducts from diameters of 68mm to 135mm, come with corresponding couplers. Standard length of duct is 4.75m. It can also be cut to the specified length if required.

Services Offered

– Pre-stressing works – Pre- tensioning and post tensioning
– Design and construction of building with alternative proposal
– Structural repair and strengthening works (e.g. FRP, concrete repair, external pre-stressing, etc.)
– Design, supply, and erection of precast concrete components (e.g. PC grider for bridges, planks, walls, etc.)
– Ground anchors – temporary and permanent anchors
– Construction friendly solutions.

For further details:
Utracon Structural Systems Pvt. Ltd.
No.45, 5th Street, Padmanaba Nagar,
Adyar – 600020.
Phone: 044-24468001/02/03
Email: utraconindia@utracon.com
Web: www.utraconindia.com


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