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Upholding the Green Building Practices for a Sustainable Future

Champion Prefabs

Champion Prefabs brings you a range of prefabs catering to your imagination and requirements. Be it residential, commercial or institutional structures, they have more to offer than the usual with high quality prefabs. Using advanced computer modeling they incorporate cutting-edge designs. Through the unique use of our materials, they provide you with designed prefabs that are economical and easy to transport.

Green Building Solutions (GBS)

Green Building Solutions is an essential way to encourage a lot of ways in which not just 1 country but, the entire world can live a better, greener life. Champion Prefabs is proud to say that we follow GBS and do so very, very effectively. Sustainable or “green” building outline and development is a strategy for shrewdly utilizing assets to make great, more advantageous and more vitality effective homes and business structures. A green building is more than the aggregate of its parts (think asset preservation) its procedure and effects matter, as well. As per the World Commission on Nature and Advancement, maintainability is “a type of improvement that addresses the issues of the present without trading off the capacity of future ages to address their own issues.”

Why choose Wooden Prefabs Home construction from Champion Prefabs

The world is moving towards green living  and eco-friendly Wooden Prefab Houses and Resorts construction has grown exponentially over the years. Wooden prefabs uses natural and re-useable materials, is quick to set up, cost-effective and aesthetically pleasing. As wooden house manufacturers, we believe that the days of concrete building are towards its ebb, and wooden homes are the future of our generation.



Advantages of Eco-Wooden Homes:

  • Choice in construction material
  • Wood provides a traditional look and feel
  • Unlike concrete structures, wooden prefab cottages are airy and absorbs moisture
  • Construction can be completed in weeks
  • Value of wooden log houses and cabin appreciate over the years
  • Owner can customize each wood-house as per his requirements
  • All modern amenities can be included

Pre Engineered Steel Buildings

Pre-engineered steel buildings (PEB) are a steel structures worked over an auxiliary idea of essential individuals, optional individuals, rooftop and divider sheeting associated with each other and different other building parts by Champion Prefabs.

PEB structures can be given distinctive basic and non-auxiliary increases, for example, sky facing windows, divider lights, turbo vents, edge ventilators, louvers, rooftop screens, entryways and windows, trusses, mezzanine floors, belts, shades, crane frameworks, protection and so on., in view of the client’s prerequisites. All the steel structures are specially crafted to be lighter in weight and high in quality.

Light Gauge Steel Frames & Rapid Building

As a leading LGSF company their structures are of world-class quality and provide optimal benefits over traditional structures. Some of the advantages of their LGSF buildings include:

  • Light steel frame construction is time saving which helps to reduce costs
  • Since steel (and partly concrete) is used in construction, it is significantly independent of weather conditions
  • A lightweight prefabricated product, it is fire resistant, corrosion and rust free
  • With the usage of hybrid steel, construction can be done for multi-storey buildings as well
  • A faster and more accurate alternative, these structures can be custom-designed and altered even after construction

With urbanization and the use of modern technology, the cost of building homes can be significantly lessened. With Champion Prefabs’ Green Affordable Houses, one can enjoy living amidst the green at the most affordable rates. We’re here to promote affordable and eco-friendly living across India, US, Europe, Africa, Middle East etc. in the best way possible.

Other than these primitive solutions, the company offers others services such as Kisosks, Steel Prefabs, Led Facades, Tents, Container Prefabs etc.

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