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    Uttar Pradesh to construct one lakh houses under PMAY

    concerning development

    ADA secretary Hariram said, “Work is already in progress concerning development of affordable housing in partnership with private firms. 10,000 units will be developed in a time-bound manner”.

    The biggest target for constructing houses under the PM’s scheme has been assigned to Lucknow development authority. Here 12,000 houses are required to be constructed. Besides Agra, other cities with major targets include 10,000 in Kanpur, 9,000 in Ghaziabad, 6,500 in Prayagraj and 5,000 in Moradabad.

    The AVP which is a separate department of the state government has been assigned construction of 30,000 houses in different districts.The housing and urban planning department of the state government has made given the sanctioned layout to all development authorities.

    According to department officials, each of the LIG category houses will have two rooms. Besides a kitchen, a toilet, a bathroom, the house will also have a balcony. Each house is estimated to cost Rs 4.50 lakh. Out of this, the central government will fund Rs 1.50 lakh and Rs 1 lakh will be the contribution of the state government. The beneficiary will have to pay Rs 2 lakh for this purpose.

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