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Valued Management of Fast Track Project through Precast Technique

Precast concrete

Precast concrete is an age-old and age-tested methodology of construction all over the world. After a quiet start in India a few decades ago, slowly, people are exploring this option again. Why precast, the prime reason, interesting for the Client’s Higher Management to consider is the earlier return on investment for fast track projects.

Precast India Infrastructures Pvt.Ltd has the pride in citing their own live examples of the past, whereby we have completed 2 projects in the commercial heartland of Pune having lease square footage of around 6L sft each (so 12L sqft for both projects) and completed the 6L sft RCC work in 6-7 months each. So, if a core developer is getting his leasable/saleable product in 40-50% of the time (compared to conventional CIS), his inbound cash flow can start much earlier (once, and provided, the finishing works are done with equal pace, coordination and intensity). The amount of early cash flow may come back in tunes of crores, depending on the lease/ sale rate per sft having other interest-saving effects in the overall project finances in totality.

Same applies for Production facilities in urgent need to start production and supply (sale).

Another ?reason, needless to mention, is the quality control which is possible in a manufacturing environment as opposed to site concreting. Yes, Precast Technology is extremely technically challenging, which needs lot of pre-engineering and fast decision making from all professionals involved, like Client, Architect, Service Consultants and of course Structural Design Teams, but which, if handled by a professional and technically sound Precast manufacturer, is a phase not taking more than 1-2-3 months. The client, thus, having completed all his major decisions regarding building systems, can be sure of the project budget right in the 3rd or 4th month, which is a luxury for any top management, as opposed to approving and recapping limits throughout the project’s timeline.

Project Analysis:

To cite an example of our project, Bharat Forge Research and Development Center at Pune itself, within one month, we completed the pre-engineering which included, in-house Precast Design with full input-output from 3D BIM Software, integration of BIM software with Precast ERP Planning and Tracking Software.

The noteworthy features of the project included 21 m V Beam – Arc Slab system for roof, 21 m Long Single T’s Transported from Plant to site by 70’ Trailers, 11 m high single piece precast Shear Walls. Also, for the first time in the country, new Seismic Moment Resisting Connection Technology was used.

Majority of the project was a precast structure with only structural screed, OHWT and combined footings of shear walls in Cast-in-situ, in a conscious effort.



Other Factors why BFRD was decided to be a Precast Building

Longer slab span of 21m was possible in precast in much leaner design as compared to CIS flat slab design, thus reducing the deadweight of the structure.

3 bays were more than traditional Triple Height (10m height), which would have been difficult to cast in situ, with triple height staging, etc.

The unique roof layout and elevation was only possible in precast.

Scaffolding, labour and formwork required is less considering site space.

The advantage of a Green building could be capitalized on due to less transport trips to site, less wastage, less Embodied Energy, also the project was registered for LEED Platinum rating.

To optimize consumption of available Floor Space Index, area above the R&D shed was used which is traditionally not usable, in case of truss structure

Client wanted Something New, Some-thing Different, and Something Technolo-gically Advanced.

A fast track project with just enough time to pre-engineer the coordination and which requires a high quality standard spells precast, and that’s also exactly why the top management of Bharat Forge, went ahead with Precast their Research and Development Center.

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