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Venus to Showcase Phoenix Curb Machines at bC 2013


Venus equipments and tools P.Ltd, a leading Indian construction equipment distributor who has over the years built a solid reputation amongst its customers for identifying and sourcing internationally proven quality equipments that match the harsh demands of working conditions in India. All the equipments imported by the company are marketed and distributed under the brand name ‘Venus’.

The company is all set to showcase its newly launched product from Phoenix Slip at the BC India 2013. The compact Phoenix Slip form Curb Machines, manufactured in California, USA, is designed to cater to various types and sizes of curbs and gutters. These machines are designed in three different models: PCM2500, PCM6500 & PCM7500. Each model is made unique with its own distinct features. These tough, robust, compact and operational user friendly machines are designed by a renowned inventor who has over 40 years designed experience in the mid sized Curb Machines.  These robust machines not only take challenges of the difficult job site conditions but also give accurate fast curbs and reliability.

Broad Features

–    Compact and easy to transport.
–    Low Curb Radius 24-36 inches.
–    Below Grade Pouring.
–    Single Operator Operation.
–    Advance 4 wheel drive auto rear steering.
–    25HP Kohler Diesel Engine (For larger models Kubota Diesel Engine).
–    Large Fuel Tank.
–    Variable (Optional) Hopper Capacity.
–    Silicon filled Tyres.
–    Minnich – USA 3” Vibrator Needles.
–    Travel Speed 60mtr/min.
–    Pouring Speed 15mtr/min.
–    Front wheel drive (All wheel drive optional).
–    Mould to clients requirement (within Machine limits).
–    TOPCON system (Bigger Model).


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