Volvo celebrates 75,000th hauler – one of the new generation A45G full...

Volvo celebrates 75,000th hauler – one of the new generation A45G full suspension models

Over the last 51 years, the models have increased in size and sophistication.
Volvo celebrates 75000th hauler

Volvo celebrates 75000th hauler, one of the new generation A45G full suspension models. The first 15 tonne capacity machine built in 1966 can fit into the haul body of the A60H – Volvo flagship 55 tonne articulated hauler.

More than half a decade of experience is built into every Volvo machine. A high hitch gives better stability and ground clearance, hydro-mechanical steering offers high speed stability. While 100% dog clutches and automatic switching between 6X4 and 6X6 drive not only powers through any conditions. It does so with minimal wear and maximum fuel efficiency.


“There’s no question that we have the best product, says Esbjörn Fritzell, Vice President of Volvo CE’ Trucks business platform. “The fact that so many of our haulers are still working around the world is a testament to their usefulness and durability – it’s almost impossible to kill a Volvo articulated hauler!”

The Road Ahead..

The machines are said to be hugely in demand now. These are finding work as production machines in mines and on all types of infrastructure projects. This is driving the trend for larger machines – such as the newly introduced 41 tonne class size of the 75,000th machine, the A45G.

Volvo CE’s A60H is the largest on the market, and can deliver 40% higher production than Volvo’s previous largest machine – the A40G. This comes with hardly any increase in the ongoing cost of ownership.

“There’s not many companies can say that they are still the market leaders half a century after they invented a concept,” says Håkan Ask, business platform leader for Trucks at Volvo CE.

“Having made 75,000 machines we are still showing the way, building more productive and fuel-efficient machines that are the envy of the industry.” he added.