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Volvo Trucks Asia Pacific Fuelwatch Challenge 2016 announces winners

Asia Pacific Fuelwatch Challenge Winner

For the tenth consecutive year, the Asia Pacific Fuelwatch Challenge crowned its winners in the annual finals of the event. After a series of national competitions across the region, fourteen top contenders met for a decisive race at the Falkenberg Racetrack in Sweden, the home country of Volvo Trucks. Following superb performances in their respective categories, Janghyun Son and Hsu Chin-lung were announced as the top-most fuel-efficient drivers of the Asia Pacific region in off-road and on-road category respectively. Jonghyun Son drives a truck and owner of Moa ICT transporting aggregate, construction waste in Korea. Hsu Chin-lung is a professional driver at a big Transport company of Petrol Chemistry, Industry indicators in Taiwan. The Indian driver, Anil Reddy, who was national champion for the Fuel Watch Challenge held at the regional level in India, stood with a marginal difference from the winner as first runner-up of the Asia Pacific Fuelwatch Challenge in off-road category. He drives mining truck at SV Engineering Construction in India. During the Asia Pacific Fuelwatch Challenge 2016, Fuel efficiency scores were accurately measured based on four key aspects braking, speed adaptation, engine and gear utilisation and standstill. Data on fuel efficiency, driver’s uptime and overall productivity were collected to gauge contestants’ performances and identify specific areas for improvement. The Fuelwatch Challenge brings together technology and care, with the best trucks and the best drivers, to highlight the massive impact of fuel economy on operating costs and sustainability for the transport industry.

Source: indiainfoline.com
Image source: bigwheels.my


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