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Waterproofing: Bridge Deck Protection Sika’s Advanced Solutions for Fast Application, Excellent Durability and Increased Safety


Protection Overview

Bridges are an essential part of the modern infrastructure and are often subject to the harshest weather that climates have to offer. To maintain the durability over its design life, special attention should be given to the protection of exposed elements and critical areas such as the bridge deck itself, to prevent serious damage to the concrete and structural reinforcement.




Due to constant movement, the deck waterproofing system must be able to accommodate dynamic traffic loads and bridge cracks while still maintaining a strong bond with both the substrate and asphalt road surface. Bonding failure can lead to loose or rucked road surfaces allowing water, chlorides and chemicals to attack the structure, reducing the design life.


– Elastic crack-bridging properties under a wide range of temperatures
– Resistance to chlorides and aggressive chemicals such as fuel, oils and hydraulic fluids
– Easy and safe to install under different weather conditions and suitable for various substrate conditions
– Fast application to reduce downtime
– Maintaining strong bond when vehicles break hard




Sika Solutions

New technology with Sikalastic® waterproofing membrane (e.g. Sikalastic®-851 / Sikalastic®-841 ST / Sikalastic 821 LV)

– Liquid-applied membrane based on Polyurethane or Polyurea
– New innovative Sikalastic®-827 pellets-system for high bond and shear strength




Sika’s Advanced System

– Light-weight system
– Customised solution with Sika expert competence
– For new construction or refurbishment System build-up with different protection and bonding solutions
– ETAG 033 and BBA HAPAS certified
– Improved adhesion reduces maintenance costs & increases safety for vehicles
– Global technical support




Case Study

Bridge Deck Waterproofing at Sunken Plaza Aerocity, Delhi

Project Requirements

The basement of four buildings on four ends of an important road was connected at -1 level by a crossing and the top road was connected to form a bridge. This was a crucial structure in the middle of a high profile retail street and hub of well-known 4 & 5-star hotels in Aerocity. The structure and its waterproofing were critical due to the surrounding areas. Hence a long-lasting, watertight solution to the bridge was required.

Sika Solution

Minor repairs were achieved with the Sikadur range of products. High abrasive grinding was done with the help of Sikafloor®-161 primer, while Sikafloor®- 161 mixed with fine sand (0.1-0.3mm) was used as scratch coat. It was then broadcasted with quartz sand 0.7-1.0mm to provide effective adhesion. Sikalastic®- 821 LV – 2mm thick was employed as the waterproofing membrane spray. Sikalastic®-827 HT pellets were used as adhesion promoters for bonding the polyurethane membrane with bitumen wearing course, followed by Asphalt Concrete (in the scope of Road Contractor).




Sika Products

Sikafloor®- 161, Sikalastic®- 821 LV, Sikalastic®- 827 HT

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