Waterproofs and Concrete Preservation through specialised Waterproofing System

Waterproofs and Concrete Preservation through specialised Waterproofing System


EPTM India is committed to bringing to the India, the latest & the best technology and international quality products. It is the Authorised Agent & only Distribution partner for all products of EPTM Borneo Sdn. Bhd. (Malaysia) in India. For over 10 years EPTM Borneo has been a leading supplier of ecofriendly technology to some of the world’s largest and most diverse companies. EPTM Environmental Products is a Malaysian based company with their environmentally safe products exported to over 23 countries globally. With a combined experience of over 35 years across multiple industries.


1. EPTM works by penetrating the concrete’s surface by capillary action and coast each particle with Polyester Polymer Chemistry. On the left the concrete aggregate and other particles are uncoated allowing moisture and water through. On right the polymer chemical reaction solidifies all the components into one strong mass. Also Stop moisture rising up through the concrete.


Introducing Waterproofing Solutions:

EPTM India has also recently tied up with EPTM Borneo Sdn Bhd. to introduce their pro-ducts in the Indian Market. It is waterproofing product. The great thing about this waterproofing is that it is a penetrating waterproofing system and makes your concrete/walls waterproof, so as long as the structure does not fail the waterproofing stays intact. This chemical is sprayed on the surface and seals the porosity of the surface.

A specialized product range: A unique water-based:

EPTM product range is a unique water-based solution which requires no mixing, no special equipment and no special skills. All products are applied by spray, brush or roll on, whatever is best suited for the job at hand, and best of all their safe for employees and the environment. All of the range has been tested in Laboratories under European Standards and conform to Environmental Protection Agency guidelines from Europe to America, Canada to Australia and also Asia.


2. EPTM Vs Membranes


The Waterproofing System permanently waterproofs and preserves concrete, brick, block and all masonry surfaces & structures in one easy application. The system is manufactured using liquid polymers, creating a liquid nano-waterproofing ma-terial. It is an excellent waterproofing pro-duct for all jobs because it cures, hardens, protects and waterproofs in one application. This Waterproofing System is non- toxic, non-flammable and non-caustic. and the system doesn’t need to be mixed; it’s easy to use and has no solvents inside* so no bad smells and everything can be washed clean with water.

EPTM Waterproofing System is more effective than any surface sealer or cement based membranes which are easily damaged by sub-trades or poor application methods mean they simply don’t work. It is simple to apply (by back-pack spray) and needs only one application for complete curing, waterproofing and corrosion inhibiting on all masonry. This unique waterproofing system will stop staining from penetrating the surface, can be painted over (any coating or topping can be applied over EPTM) is colourless, odorless and finishes in a natural look with no shine or gloss and is also non slippery.

Product in focus: EPTM-Ultraseal Water-proofing system

EPTM-Ultraseal is a liquid applied system that requires no mixing. It has single application only and it does not require protective screeding nor top coating to prevent blistering or peeling. Given below are some its specifications.

– EPTM-Ultraseal is a penetrating product which is absorbed into the concrete to a depth of about 25mm
– EPTM-Ultraseal cannot be torn, broken or damaged as it is inside the concrete
– Minimum training is required for workers to be able to use correctly simply spray back-pack type application is best (i.e. low pressure sprayer)
– One worker can cover about 500 / 800 square metres in one day
– EPTM-Ultraseal can be painted over with any coating without the need for a ‘primer’
– EPTM-Ultraseal can also be used as a ‘sealer’ to prevent top coatings, paints, bitumen etc from peeling off as it eliminates free lime and alkali within the concrete structure and also stops efflorescence growth
– This product is perfect for all waterproofing and can cover all commercial grade waterproofing requirements in one single application
– EPTM – ULTRASEAL, unlike other silicone products, permanently seals the walls / bricks surface


3. Intricate Cutting & Lapping of Membrane, Many Joins / Just Spray it on! Gets into Corners, No Joins


Benefits EPTM product at a glance

– One application only – saving time and money
– Cures, waterproofs and hardens concrete
– CANNOT be worn away, peeled off, washed away, torn or broken
– Does not aerate
– Can withstand any form of Hydrostatic pressure
– Is NOT a membrane – EPTM penetrates into concrete
– This product is perfect for all waterproofing and can cover all commercial grade waterproofing requirements in one single application
– Lasts for the lifespan of the material – EPTM is permanent
– Can be applied to old or new concrete/masonry
– Has passed over 20 International Tests
– Easy to Use – No special equipment needed
– Neutralizes Alkali problems in Concrete
– No mixing required
– Stops saponification of paints and coatings from masonry (peeling)
– Penetrates into concrete – it is NOT a surface coating
– Cannot be damaged, torn or broken – unlike membranes or surface coatings
– Completely waterproofs all masonry in one application (except aerated blocks of course)
– EPWPS be painted over with any coating or material i.e. floor coverings, paints, epoxy, P.U membranes
– Leaves no shine, no gloss and is completely transparent which makes it excellent for facades like face brick, natural stone and most masonry
– EPWPS is not a silane/siloxane sealer. No liquid glass
– EPWPS will stop efflorescence by stopping water penetration
– One product is for all commercial waterproofing – below ground, roof slabs, water tanks, swimming pools, wet areas and car parks
– EPWPS can be used for repair of leaking bathrooms and wet areas without the need for hacking of the tiles
– EPTM Waterproofing System fills the void within the cement and the various aggregates and pores, creating a polymer layer inside the concrete – waterproofing to the core


4. Sustainable by Quality


EPTM Waterproofing System is currently being used on large international projects by some of the world’s leading developers and contractors alike; from India to Australia and across South East Asia. EPTM Waterproofing System delivers on what we promise – 100% leak-free concrete and masonry.


5. Use of Less Water System


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