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We are importing the graders from our world-class plant in Brazil


CASE graders are designed, incorporating the four main criteria Ope-rator Comfort, Productivity, Serviceability and Low Operating Costs for all products, offered by CASE,” says Shalabh Chaturvedi, Head Marketing, CASE India.


Please elaborate us on the design features in the B Series motor graders?




To minimize the noise level and vibrations, CASE equipment engines are fitted with turbochargers, perfect fuel injection timing and optimum operating temperatures. All hydraulic components are smooth and low noise components, since these are filled with hydraulic oil. The oil is used as the lubricant during the function.

Additionally, CASE India uses anti-vibration mountings to isolate the vibrations from rest of the machine. To keep the operator in vibration-free mode, it has adopted elevated operating platforms. These platforms are separated by the secondary anti-vibration pads from the chassis of the machine. Apart from making the equipment fuel efficient, the company also focuses on improving operator’s comfort to improve efficiency.

Brief us on the technical attributes of the B Series?



ASE graders are the best available machinery in their class and are engineered to provide a very long product life. Equipment uptime is one of the major factors that customers consider, while de-ciding on the machine. Time bound projects need reliable machines. CASE’s graders feature an FPT Industrial 6.7-litre engine with triple horsepower on the 865B model and dual horsepower on the 845B, to match the power requirements of various applications and deliver optimum fuel efficiency.

Maximum Productivity – Unique moldboard design provides mixing effect. It does not push the material on ground, but rolls it along. The VHP (150-173 HP) gives a unique mix of power and fuel efficiency.

Optimum Fuel Efficiency – The grader is equipped with variable horsepower FPT engine, renowned for its fuel efficiency worldwide. The grader is offered with an Automatic ZF Transmission. The machine has a multi-Curvature Moldboard to reduce the resistance coming on the engine, thereby, reducing the fuel consumption.

Operators’ Comfort – For better control, the graders are equipped with a forward-mounted articulation joint and rear-mounted cab providing operators a clear sense of direction and excellent moldboard visibility from the cabin.

Structural Stability – The motor graders feature a flip-up hood for easy engine compartment access. The machine design also incorporates the CASE hallmark ground-level access for daily service checkpoints for a quick and efficient maintenance.

Tracking and Monitoring – The unique trip meter on the operator’s dashboard monitors continuously the fuel consumption, hours operated and operating temperatures. The dashboard has electronic indicators for safety-related or operation-related parameters. Based on the customers’ requirements, a customized GPS so-lution, ‘Eagle Eye’ can also be installed on the machine, as an additional feature.

“Equipment uptime is one of the major factors that customers consider while deciding on the machine.”
Shalabh Chaturvedi




Shalabh Chaturvedi,
Head Marketing,
CASE India
web: www.casece.com


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