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We Plan to Expand Aggressively Across South India


Malar Energy & Infrastructure has emerged as one of the leading precast solution provider in the country. With its firm commitment to quality and service, the company has become a trendsetter in this highly specialized area. The Masterbuilder recently caught up with R.R.Gopaljee, the company’s dynamic founder-director, under whose able leadership Malar Energy & Infrastructure has been scaling new heights. In the exclusive interview, R.R.Gopaljee gave detailed insights into the company’s precast solutions, future plans for the company, the challenges being faced by the precast industry and the immediate outlook for the industry, among others. Here are excerpts from the interview.

Malar Energy & Infrastructure is considered one of the pioneers in the field of precast construction. What was the trigger behind entering this particular line?

The main idea behind our intention to enter in to this field was that we wanted every man to have a roof over his head.  We entered this field in the year 2011 and at that time the Government was talking about the concept of ‘affordable housing’ on a mass scale.  We thought we would do a thorough study first, understand the concept and nuances and then proceed further. To manufacture ‘affordable housing’ was the main trigger and it motivated us to launch in 2011 our maiden project  ‘Shri Rajarajeswari Township’, a satellite township  in a sprawling 55 acres of land near Trichy with all modern amenities,  which is the first of its kind in Tamil Nadu.

2) Give us a brief insight into your range of products/solutions?

We design and manufacture a wide range of products which includes:
–    Precast Form Slab
–    Hollow Core Slabs
–    Wall Panels
–    Stairs & Landing
–    Columns & Beams
–    Full Precast Building Systems
–    Infrastructure elements (Road, Drain, Manholes, Tanks, Trenches, etc)



As an industry expert how do you view the growth rate in the precast construction segment? Has it been up to your expectations?

Precast construction has got growth potential in the coming years.  At present, because of the slackness in the real estate, industrial and infrastructure sectors, it is not up to our expected level.  However, since the present Government at the centre is taking lot of initiatives to revive the economy, we are quite confident that the present scenario will change very soon and precast construction will have a glorious future.

Give us an overview of some of the recent landmark projects where your solutions/products have been used?

A couple of recent examples include:

a)     Construction of Pathanjali Silks show room in Trichy with an area of 27,000 sq.ft. It is a plain hall type with 15 metres width, built using hollow core slabs with columns and beams on the sides. This project was completed in the shortest span of time.   Columns and beams were precast in our factory and were brought to the site and got erected. Each column was of 15 metre height and we completed B + 4 (Basement + 4 floors) on time.
b)     Construction of Maharishi Vidya Mandir- CBSE School in our Sri Rajarajeswari Township.This school was constructed using precast technology in a record time of 60 days, with the total area being 54000 sq.ft.

What are the latest technologies that you are using as part of your manufacturing process? What is your current production capacity?

We are adopting technologies such as the ‘Load bearing wall & composite lattice girder slab (or) ‘Flatbed Mould’ which is being used in Singapore and Middle East. These are cost effective technologies. Our current production capacity per day is 50000 sq.ft area or 5000 sq.mtr – wall panels, columns, beams, roof, staircase put together.

A word about your quality control process

We have an established Quality Management System in line with ISO 9001:2008 standard requirements.  Our Company has its own in-house Design team, Production and Erection crew with sufficient machinery and equipment to carry out the work complying with the Quality Standards. Quality control is monitored by our QA/QC departments comprising of QA/QC Manager and Engineers at different stage of execution of work.  Our quality program is covered under the following categories:

–    Design and Drawings
–    Materials
–    Reinforcement Fabrication & Fixing
–    Concrete
–    Demoulding, Storage and Transport
–    Erection

Give us a few examples of how your expertise in Project Management Consultancy Services has enabled clients to reduce construction cycles and save on overall project costs?

Recognition and acceptance for precast technology has been steadily growing in the market. Clients are showing keen interest in this method of construction. Benefits the clients may enjoy in using the precast technology are as follows:-

–    Reduction in construction cycles
–    Factory produced elements come with proper finish and quality
–    Using high grade concrete gives durability
–    Less man power at site
–    Faster completion of project saves escalation in prices and early earnings from commercial and residential buildings.
–    Moreover precast buildings are very much energy efficient. There is lot of savings in the overall production cost.

After sales technical, as well as installation support has emerged as a key differentiating factor in these competitive times. Tell us briefly about Malar Energy & Infrastructure’s strengths in these key areas.

Malar Energy & Infrastructure Pvt Ld has got a full-fledged after sales technical team, as well as installation team and we give full support to our clients.  We also have a full professional maintenance team to cater to the needs of our clients.

What is your outlook for the precast construction industry in the near future? What are the major challenges that this particular industry is facing currently?

It is my firm belief that precast construction has got a bright and great future in the coming years. It is slowly gaining acceptance in the market due to better quality, durability and speed of construction compared to conventional construction. But the hurdles which prevent the breaking through of the precast industry into main stream construction are: –

a)     Marginally higher cost of construction (contributed by Excise Duty imposed on precast products, high transportation & equipment hiring charges) when compared to ‘in situ’ processes.
b)     Less awareness of precast technology in the construction industry
c)     There should be more professional support from Architects and Structural Engineers.

However with the project duration and payment schedule being shortened to one third of the time compared to conventional construction, precast technology will definitely have lot of scope in the near future.

What about immediate expansion plans for Malar Energy & Infrastructure?

Malar Energy & Infrastructure Pvt Ltd is having a complete mobile precast factory set up. We can reduce the construction cost by setting up the production plant on project site (and eliminate ED and cost of transportation). We are actually planning to expand our activities throughout Tamil Nadu and set up precast facilities in other southern states also.  We are sure we will emerge as one of the major players in the coming years in this field.

For further details:
Malar Energy & Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd.
No.57, 1st Floor, Pantheon Road, Egmore, Chennai – 600008
Ph:+91-44-42146992 / 28414114
Mob: +91-7373099529
Email: malarinfra@gmail.com
Web: www.malarinfra.com


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