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WIRTGEN India – Poised to Cater to Burgeoning Demand for Road Construction Equipment


Ramesh Palagiri



Ramesh Palagiri
Managing Director & CEO, Wirtgen India.


WIRTGEN INDIA is a member of the WIRTGEN GROUP, an internationally operating group of companies in the construction machinery sector incorporating the traditional product brands: WIRTGEN, VÖGELE, HAMM, KLEEMANN and BENNINGHOVEN. HAMM offers a wide range of products for all aspects of soil and road compaction, utilizing leading machine and compaction technology. Along with the technical requirements, HAMM focuses on ergonomic design and simple operation. Recently, the group rolled out its 5000th HAMM compactor for India. To explore further into the success behind this feat and to divulge the various product offerings HAMM offers for the Indian road construction sector, the Masterbuilder interviewed….. The excerpts of the interview are below.

You had recently rolled out the 5000th HAMM compactor manufactured in your Indian facility. Given the competitive nature of the compactors market segment, what are the salient features that have enabled the success of HAMM compactors?

The HAMM compactors are equipped with machine controls based on programs and logic for the interlock functions. The more innovatively designed HAMM 311 and HD99 have various parameter displays along with roller graphics. The control functions are positioned ergonomically with the display right in front of the operator. A vibration isolated platform enhances operator comfort and reduces fatigue during long hours of work, resulting in more productivity.

The HAMM 311 (Soil Compactor) & HD 99 (Tandem Roller) are equipped with hydrostatic drive to ensure maximum traction. The patented design of 3-point articulation joint connects the front and rear ends of the compactor and ensures even weight distribution for optimum traction, shock absorption, directional stability, and better resistance to tipping when turning in rough terrains.

Give us a few recent examples of projects where Wirtgen’s in-situ cold recycling machines and hot recycling machinery have been successfully used in India.

Wirtgen Group is the world leader in advanced technologies that conserve resources through reuse and recycling of construction materials. With different models of plants and machines available, Wirtgen has the right equipment for productive and profitable asphalt and concrete construction materials recycling, ranging from wheeled and tracked cold recyclers. Roads that are subject to heavy and continual loads frequently show signs of damage in the subgrade. To fix, the entire structure of the road must be reconstructed. Other roads exhibit surface damage that can be renewed without delving into the subgrade. Either way, in the cold recycling process, 100 percent of the reclaimed material can be reused and cost-effectively treated, making cold recycling both an economical and an environmentally friendly option. As a pioneer of cold recycling technology, Wirtgen has played a key role in shaping these processes over the last 30 years and has systematically advanced the range of cold recycling products. Wirtgen’s Cold Recycler was recently used during construction of Delhi Meerut Expressway.


Take us through some of the key outstanding features of Voegele pavers that make them stand out from the competition in the Indian market.

Voegele has been the industry pioneer over the last 50 years and have introduced several innovations like the pressure bars & electric heating of the screed, Niveltronic plus operating concept and ergo plus operator features. With our Dash -3 pavers we also offer the eco plus which helps in saving fuel, Auto set plus, Pave dock assistant etc. Voegele also offers several other innovative products like the Spray Jet paver which does the tack coat and paving with the same paver, Mobile feeder which are now being used for building of airport runways and expressways and also the In line paving technology. The most recent innovation from Voegele is the Road Scan which helps the operator of the paver to know the exact temperature of the mix as it is being paved. Sensor pavers play a very important role in getting the right levels and grades when building the roads. The final finish of the road depends to a great extent on the accuracy delivered by these pavers in addition to the mix quality and temperature at which it is laid and compacted. Voegele has introduced several new technologies like Electric heating of Screed, High compaction screed with pressure bars, Spray jet, Mobile feeder, In- line pave, Niveltronic plus for string less paving etc. With technologies like Inline pave, we are able to pave both the dense bitumen macadam & the Wearing course in a single pass operation, as Hot on Hot, thereby eliminating the tack coat and thus saving in the other costs.

What is your immediate outlook for the road construction equipment market segment in India?

The huge need for the infrastructure- roads, highways and airports is currently being addressed by the government. Many projects are already awarded and some are in pipeline. With the same government in action, growth is predicted in near future.


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