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    World’s first fully-recycled road developed


    The world’s first motorable stretch of fully-recycled road – completely made out of the materials of the older road – has been developed by two subsidiaries of Vinci Construction, Eurovia and Vinci Autoroutes.

    The company employed the use of a mobile factory that ground down resources from the previously built road. The construction of the mobile plant was central to the project’s success as it had previously been impossible to produce asphalt mixes with 100% recycled content outside of regular plants. As a result, the 3,000 tonnes of material used for the kilometre of road were created on site.

    Recycled roads are not new. The potential of recycling waste into roads has been recognised in India for a long time. Potholes are especially treated with this type of technology and it has been gaining in recognition, the world over.

    Just last month the world’s first pre-fabricated and modular bi-cycle lane comprising of old plastic bottles, festival beer cups, cosmetic packaging, and plastic furniture was unveiled at Zwolle, Netherlands.

    The kilometre long, fully-recycled road is part of the A10 motorway between Pons and Saint Aubin in southwest France.

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